Tara Reid Finally Addresses the Rumors of an American Pie Sequel

Tara Reid

A little over two decades ago, actress Tara Reid was on every magazine cover and in practically every movie. Having had her big break with The Big Lebowski and the massively popular American Pie movies all before her 25th birthday, Reid defined an era in Hollywood. And now, almost a quarter of a century after the coming-of-age blockbuster came out, the actress is finally opening up about a possible American Pie sequel.

Reid Would Love to Do an American Pie Sequel

The Lebowski actress recently addressed the rumors of an American Pie sequel that had been circulating for years. Reid confirmed that there had indeed been “so much talk about it” for a long time, and everyone on the original cast would love to do a reboot. The main problem, however, has been nailing the storylines and clearing everyone’s schedule so they can join the project.

The cast of American Pie

As for what direction the sequel might take, Reid joked that she wouldn’t mind even if the cast was made up of “old grandpas and grandmas in wheelchairs.” Either way, the American Pie reboot would ideally show fans’ favorite characters and how they grew up after high school. Although there’s nothing certain at the moment, Reid is still hopeful that they’ll make a reunion and is eager to see what that would look like for her beloved character Vicky — the quintessential ‘90s girl next door that stole boys’ hearts.

Tara Reid as Vicky
What’s Ahead for Tara Reid

Just because an official American Pie sequel hasn’t been confirmed yet, that doesn’t mean Reid has stopped acting. Despite a whirlwind of a career and loads of public scrutiny on her personal life in her early years, Reid seems to be in a much better place in her life. At 47, the actress is still active, and fans will soon be able to see her in CBS’s Ghosts, set to premier in the New Year.