The World’s Oldest Living Dog – Pebbles – Is 22 Years Old

The average lifespan of dogs is around 10 to 13 years, although some can beat the odds and live much longer. Pebbles, a sweet Fox Terrier from South Carolina is certainly proof of that. At 22 years and 59 days old, this small pup was given the title of the World’s Oldest Living Dog by the Guinness World Records.

different dog silhouettes Meet Pebbles – The Oldest Living Dog

Pebbles was born on the 28th of March in the year 2000. Weighing 1.8 kg or just under 4 pounds, this petite dog lives with Bobby and Julie Gregory, her human owners. Even though she’s 22 years old, Pebbles is still a healthy and happy pup.

Pebbles with her Oldest Living Dog certificate from Guinness World Records. She has been a valued part of the Gregory family since the year 2000 and is still adored and taken great care of by loving owners. Julie Gregory shared that the secret to keeping one’s canine friend around for as long as possible is to treat them like family and ensure proper healthcare, good food, and a positive environment.

A Beloved Member of the Family

In their conversation with Guinness World Records, the Gregory family revealed that they originally wanted a bigger dog, but it was Bobby that first fell in love with the tiny puppy all those years ago. According to the owners, she’s a loving pup that stays up all night long and sleeps till five in the afternoon. Pebbles enjoys sleeping with country music playing in the background. The Gregorys said that they’re honored to have shared their lives with Pebbles for all these years.

The silhouette of a dog and its owner

The Controversy

The title of the World’s Oldest Living Dog originally went to a Chihuahua by the name of TobyKeith who was 21 years and 66 days old at the time. News of his crowning was out on March 16th and was brought to Bobby’s attention through texts by family and friends. That’s why Julie decided to send in an application for Pebbles. Guinness World Records confirmed the application so the title went from TobyKeith to Pebbles.

3 Possible Washington Football Team Names After Warriors Elimination

3 Possible Washington Football Team Names After Warriors EliminationThe Washington Football Team has had a busy week in terms of its forthcoming redesign. The new name and logo will be revealed in early 2022, according to team president Jason Wright, who recently spoke with Nicki Jhabvala of The Washington Post.

Soon after Jhabvala’s Wright report, the team president posted a message on the team’s official website clarifying that the nickname “Warriors” would not be the team’s new name. For some admirers, that had been a popular choice.

Former running back Jason Wright, now the president of Washington Football TeamWhat Is the Washington Football Team’s Next Move?

Now that one of the prior favorites has been ruled out, here is a list of six prospective nicknames for the Washington Football Team. Remember that these aren’t necessarily the ones that the team should pick, but rather, some of the names that have been mentioned in the past year.

#1. Red Wolves / Redwolves

Regardless of how you spell it, this name appeals to a sizable portion of the fan base. In collegiate athletics, Arkansas State owns the nickname; perhaps Washington will bring it to the NFL. While it is popular among certain fans, it is polarizing among others, as many fans despise the name. Some fans have even created some slick designs with prospective logos.

#2. Redtails / Red Tails

This does not appear to be one of the finalists. However, head coach Ron Rivera has shown interest in a strong military connection for the new name, and this would be a good fit. The Tuskegee Airmen, the nation’s first Black aviators in the US Army Air Corps, inspired the Red Tails. The Red Tails got their name from the fact that their planes’ tails were painted red for identification purposes. This possible nickname has the most historical significance.

#3. Commanders/Generals

With a military connection, there are more opportunities. Washington Football Team president Jason Wright has stated that he wishes to be known by a moniker that is specific to Washington. Commanders or Generals can be used to honor the military, which is essential to Rivera and his business partner Daniel Snyder.