Epic Games Gave Credit to Among Us for Fortnite’s Impostors Mode

The notes for the latest patch of Epic Games’ Fortnite finally give credit to Innersloth and their murder mystery party game for inspiring the battle royale’s Impostors mode. The patch notes came with a new update to the Impostors mode, which has a line at the beginning that directly states how the game mode was inspired by Among Us.

Epic Games First Released the Impostors Mode for Fortnite Without Mentioning Among Us or Innersloth

Image from Innersloth's Among Us
When Fortnite Impostors first appeared, it looked heavily inspired by Innersloth’s Among Us. However, Epic Games made no mention of the indie studio or their hit game, while the similarities were too great to miss. In Innersloth’s Among Us, the players run around a ship to complete various tasks, while one of the players is randomly tasked with killing everyone else as stealthily as possible and without revealing his true identity. At regular intervals, the players meet to vote on who the killer might be until the culprit is revealed or everyone else is dead. The game proved to be quite fun and engaging and now Fortnite Impostors is almost its carbon copy.

Innersloth Co-Founder Marcus Bromander Shared His Disappointment With Epic Games On Twitter

Epic released their knock-off version of the murder mystery party game with a mode for Fortnite but did so without even asking or making a collaboration offer to Innersloth. This definitely made an impression on the indie company’s co-founder Marcus Bromander who expressed his point of view on Twitter. He wrote that Innersloth did not patent the Among Us mechanics because they believe this leads to a healthier industry. However, Bromander finished with a remark in the form of a question, asking if it was really that hard to put some effort into giving something a distinctive spin.

Image from Epic Games' Fortnite Impostors

All this seemed very strange because there are often crossovers in Fortnite with other franchisees and the collaboration of their creators. On the other hand, the game is often pointed at for copying the ideas of other people. In-game, there are emote dances, game modes, and other features that look almost identical to those from other media. In defense of Epic, some argue that Among Us itself runs on a concept based on social deduction games like Werewolf or Mafia.

Now, after Epic acknowledged Innersloth and Among Us as their source of inspiration, they followed up with a tweet teasing a possibility for an official Among Us and Fortnite crossover in the future.