Fans Got an Early Look at the Long-awaited ‘Dead Space’ Remake

Apparently, the announcement of a new Dead Space wasn’t just an elaborate prank because Electronic Arts showed off extremely early footage of the remake of the popular action-horror game on a live stream on EA Motive’s Twitch channel.

Electronic Arts Showed Early Images of the Dead Space Remake on EA Motive’s Twitch Channel

Early Images of the Dead Space Remake
The reveal was done during a live stream and hosted by creative director Roman Campos-Oriola and senior producer Philippe Ducharme. The stream did not show a cinematic trailer or gameplay reveal but a very early look at the upcoming remake. Over the 40 minutes of the stream, the duo talked about how the studio was approaching the remake of a beloved game.

Dead Space Is Planned for Release On PC, PS5, and Xbox S and X

Dead Space Gameplay
Dead Space currently has no release date. Still, fans were happy to see developers show off the footage of a triple-A game that is this far from release, especially because such reveals usually only come during GDC talks or special events.

The upcoming Dead Space reboot will be far from traditional. The developers were clear that the new game will be a complete remake. EA Motive had apparently accessed the original files of the game, including the assets of the Ishimura ship, where the first game largely takes place. The developers have also stated that the important thing is to improve on different elements and recreate that original but still create a new experience.

Dead Space Poster

Gunner Wright will apparently reprise his role as the voice of protagonist Isaac Clarke. From the early peek, the Dead Space remake looks a whole lot like the original but with visuals worthy of next-generation consoles. Campos-Oriola has also stated that the way the protagonist was looking for his girlfriend Nicole in the story but not so much in the game will be improved upon.

Dead Space will be built in the powerful Frostbite engine and will not be shackled by older hardware. The developers’ intentions are to offer a fully unbroken experience from the start screen to the end credit.