A Remarkably Preserved Bronze Sword Was Unearthed in Germany

In the town of Nördlingen, Bavaria, an astonishing discovery has been made — a remarkably well-preserved bronze sword that dates back to the 14th century BCE. Despite the passage of over 3,000 years, this ancient weapon has retained its luster, making it an exceptionally rare find, especially in such a remarkable condition.

An Ancient Bronze Sword

A Remarkably Preserved Bronze Sword Was Unearthed In Germany
An Ancient Bronze Sword

The uncovering of this extraordinary bronze sword occurred alongside the unearthing of a Bronze Age burial site. Within the grave belonging to an unknown man, woman, and child, the sword and other bronze artifacts were found. It remains uncertain if the trio was related.

Described as being in exceptional condition, this sword’s rarity is unparalleled. Preliminary dating places it in the late 14th century BCE, during the Middle Bronze Age — a time period with sparse records of sword discoveries, particularly in such a pristine condition. Prior finds in this region of Germany either came from the 19th century.

The Sword Was Masterfully Crafted

The Sword Was Masterfully Crafted

The bronze weapon’s preservation is so remarkable that it appeared to almost still shine. It boasted an intricate octagonal hilt, also crafted from bronze, which has acquired a glossy green patina over the three millennia since its creation. The octagonal shape of the hilt is indicative of the exceptional craftsmanship involved, as it required skilled blacksmiths to produce such intricate designs. The complexity of manufacturing octagonal swords lies in the overlay casting technique used to attach the hilt to the blade. Additionally, the decoration is achieved through inlay work and the use of hallmarks.

Octagonal swords were exclusively crafted in two regions of Bronze Age Germany – one in the south and the other in the north and Denmark. However, the origin of this newfound bronze sword remains a mystery, leaving researchers curious about its provenance. As for its usage, conflicting evidence surrounds whether the sword ever saw combat. Although no signs of wear are present on the blade, the sword’s center of gravity suggests it was designed for slashing motions, making it suitable as a weapon.

Why Adding Skateboarding (Skating) to the Olympic Games is a Good Step

For the very first time, skateboarding was an official Olympic event at the 2020 Tokyo Games. If it were any other sport, people would be celebrating; however, for the sport of skating, that wasn’t exactly the case. The organizers of the Tokyo games recommended that skateboarding should be added, and it all started with thousands of signatures on a petition delivered to the International Olympic Committee. After it became official, people had mixed feelings about the outcome.

A person skating during the Tokyo Olympics

The reason behind the mixed feelings, and mainly the disgust and headache, is that almost any skater will agree that skateboarding isn’t a sport, but instead, it’s a lifestyle, state of mind, and community. Through the years, skating has dealt with an outlaw reputation and skateboarders are even banned from skating freely in certain areas.

However, to other skaters, adding skateboarding to the Olympic games is a good step forward. Here’s why:

Growing the Platform for Skating Enthusiasts

A lot of the arguments against adding skateboarding to the games have come from men and spaces that are male-dominated. Over the years, men have always had a platform and the opportunity to express themselves through skating. That has been proved as they’ve dominated numerous magazine covers, secured sponsorships, competed in contests, and more, which women didn’t have a chance to do. With skateboarding in the Olympics, that has and will continue to change as more women and LGTBQ+ take on the sport.

More People Will Be Exposed to Skateboarding

A player skating at the Tokyo Olympics Having skateboarding in the Olympics can introduce the sport to people who might now have been familiar with or have engaged with the sport in the past. It can help people creatively express themselves, overcome challenges, and build self-confidence.

Help to Change Its Reputation

Even though skating is popular in the United States, around the world, it doesn’t get the same praise. In Japan, skateboarding is considered to be dangerous and the people who skate are considered to be rebels.

By adding skateboarding to the Olympic games, it can change the way skating is viewed around the world and even shed light on how great of a sport it can be.