Owner of World’s Oldest Dog Bobi Says Special Diet Helped it Live to 31

Guinness World Records // Leonel Costa

Meet Bobi, the remarkable Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo dog, who recently earned the title of the world’s oldest dog by living to the impressive age of 31. In this canine tale of longevity and companionship, we delve into the secrets of Bobi’s exceptional life and the surprising choices that contributed to his record-breaking journey.

From Unwanted Pup to Guinness World Record Holder

Bobi’s story begins with an element of luck, as he was initially part of a litter marked for euthanasia due to the challenges of his owner’s parents in caring for more animals.

However, a twist of fate led him to be adopted by Leonel Costa, who kept the pup a secret until his parents eventually allowed him to keep the dog. Little did Leonel know that Bobi would defy all expectations and become a record holder in the canine world.

The Key to Longevity

Leonel attributes Bobi’s remarkable lifespan to a combination of factors. Living in the countryside, never restrained by a leash, and enjoying a unique diet of ‘people food’ were crucial elements. According to the Portuguese farmer, the freedom to roam and a diet that mirrored his own contributed significantly to Bobi’s longevity. It raises an interesting consideration– could the key to extending your dog’s life be found in the meals you share?

Reddit // u/maedasfocas

Bobi’s meals consisted of human-based meals emphasizing healthy homemade food. Leonel’s approach indicates that your dog could experience improved health and perhaps live longer if you give him a bite from your balanced mealtime. This makes us wonder whether the philosophy of ‘you are what you eat’ applies to dogs, too. Whatever the reason for Bobi’s long lifespan, dog lovers everywhere can’t help but think of how lucky his owner was to spend so many years with him.