3 Tips to Walk Taller and Exude Confidence That Anyone Can Try

A man sitting in a chair exuding confidence

Contrary to what many influencers and life gurus will tell you, there are no secrets, hacks, or shortcuts to a better life. Nobody really has everything figured out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t significantly improve some areas of your life with simple, consecutive steps. If exuding confidence and holding your head high are things you admire and wish to possess, there’s good news — you can make it happen. Here’s how!

1. Health Should be a Top Priority

A couple hiking outdoors

While it’s true that regular exercising and a conscious diet are the cornerstones of keeping your mental and physical health in check, that’s not all. Your lifestyle doesn’t just impact your biometrics, it also has an effect on your whole family and character. Instead of looking at staying active and keeping healthy habits as a chore, let it become a natural part of your day. Instead of spending family dinners with everyone staring at their phone or the TV, plan a joint activity together. Go on picnics, take up local hiking trails, and set a good example for your kids. This will not only instill confidence in them but in you, too.

2. Listen Before Speaking

Man listening intently to another man
The most confident men don’t talk loudly or use their time to show off. They do something really simple — they prioritize quality conversations and talk less and listen more. Confident people tend to actively listen to what people in their surroundings are saying and ask engaging, follow-up questions. That’s what makes them stand out. That’s how the power of listening can earn you the respect of others as well.

3. Confidence “Hacks” 101: Dress the Part

A stylish man in shades
Let’s face it. When you dress well and love what you’re wearing, you feel good about yourself and, as a result, walk just a little taller. Your back is a bit straighter. Have you ever met a well-dressed man that didn’t ooze confidence? Exactly. It’s not about wearing designer clothes or chasing trends. It’s about wearing what makes you feel good and is in line with your sense of style. This could be anything from a pair of cowboy boots, to a meticulously tailored suit and a pair of your favorite shades. Dressing the part may help you walk a little taller, but the confidence is all you.