There Might Be One More Chapter for ‘Spare,’ Says Prince Harry

There is plenty of drama surrounding the entire family, and it all started with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanting to break free and embark on their own journey. Both felt the royal life wasn’t for them and did not enjoy all the shadiness surrounding them. Once they broke free, they started getting plenty of criticism!

Prince Harry

Prince Harry Wrote Spare

As it were, the dust is still settling after the release of Spare, which coupled with Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary about what royal life is really like. But Harry did as he promised — he did not publish the 400 pages of unforgivable content in his book. But a source has been saying that we might not have seen the end of it. It is rumored that Harry might publish one more chapter for the paperback edition of his book.

Prince Harry's book Spare

The Backlash Will Continue

It is said that the new chapter is reportedly going to be added to the paperback edition of the book and will not shine a light on any stories from the past but will deal with recent events in Prince Harry and Meghan’s lives circling the backlash they got for the book and documentary and how much they have suffered.

Pictured left to right: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William of Wales, Princess Catherine of Wales

Is the Next Chapter a Reality?

The next chapter for the paperback edition of Spare is simply speculation at this point, but it’s still a juicy piece of gossip. Harry has said in the past that there was a lot more he could have written, and seeing as his first draft was almost twice as long as the final one – there’s truth to that. He explains a lot that happened between him and his brother that he couldn’t share because the family would never forgive him.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Will Prince Harry go deeper and share the hurt he and Meghan have gone through? Everyone will have to wait and see if the new chapter will be written. But he won’t reveal more of the past because he doesn’t want an all-out feud with his family.