The CEO of Tinder Has Announced Transformative New Features

It seems Tinder is about to get many exciting new features to guarantee its users a summer of love. The app will introduce settings like Swipe Party, which allows users to consult with their friends regarding matches, and Festival Mode, which will connect users with festival-goers before events.

Swipe Party and Festival Mode Are Among the New Features on Tinder

A phone running the Tinder App According to the CEO of Tinder, Renate Nyborg, the world’s most popular dating app will get exciting new features like the ones mentioned above. Nyborg, who is 36, is the first female CEO of Tinder and is notably good at combining her drive, intelligence, and composure when running the company. According to her, the special thing about Tinder is that it’s designed to work for all kinds of romantic outcomes people would want to have.

Free Tonight Is a Tinder Feature for People Seeking Immediacy

Nyborg elaborated on one of the new features of the Tinder app called Free Tonight. According to her, it’s a feature that was made for people seeking immediacy and allows users to match with others who are looking to do something on the same night. Swipe Party is another option that allows single people to invite their friends to help them pick potential matches. On the other hand, Festival Mode is a Tinder feature that will help users connect before going to festivals. It can be found on Tinder’s Explore feature, which is also new and allows people to connect on the grounds of common interests. These can range from having a pet to being into food.

Renate Nyborg - CEO of Tinder

The feature that Nyborg’s most looking forward to is Tinder Games. According to her, it will have games that users can play with each other and even flirt while doing that. It certainly seems that Tinder is now packed with new features that make it more engaging and give users of the app more opportunities to show what they’re interested in. That will certainly make it easier for people to create a more engaging bio!

The First Multiplayer Event for Halo Infinite Is Now Live

Halo Infinite has launched its first major multiplayer event, Fracture: Tenrai. It offers new cosmetics, a minor battle pass, and even a new game mode. The event started on November 23 and will last through to November 30. Those who miss the opportunity to take part will be able to do so when the event returns in 2022.

Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai Will Return Five More Times Between January and May

Promotional image for Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai Fracture: Tenrai will take place six separate times during the next months, but 343 Industries have stated that not every event they make in Halo Infinite will appear this frequently. The aesthetic of this one pulls from Japan and its folklore, and players will be able to earn new Mjolnir armor that transforms their avatar to look like a samurai or ninja.

Naturally, the event does not fit very well with Halo’s canon, so the designers have stated that the Fracture events exist in alternate realities or parallel universes to Master Chief and the Spartans. This way, the lore of the event does not have to contradict the established canon of the Halo universe.

Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai Is 100% Free and Has 30 Unlockable Tiers

Unlockable armor from Halo Infinite's Fracture: Tenrai event. The Tenrai event is free and requires nothing but the free version of Halo Infinite. There are 30 unlockable tiers, and players who log in during the event will get a special Fracture backdrop. Progress on the Tenrai battle pass can be made by completing Event Challenges. These are time-gated and will only be available during event weeks. So, even if a player completes all challenges by November 30, they would not have unlocked all Tenrai items. To unlock more of the battle pass, players will have to wait until the next Tenrai comes around.

The new game mode for Tenrai is called Fiesta, and through it, players will be able to complete Event Challenges. It is a semi-random mode where players spawn into an arena with random weapons. Fiesta matches can only be made during Tenrai. Although the event itself is free, players will be able to purchase samurai-themed items from the Halo Infinite shop. Meanwhile, the ultimate quest will offer bonus samurai items.