4 of the Most Popular Dining Establishments in New York

New York, the City that Never Sleeps, home to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, has much more to offer to its residents and guests than tall buildings, a vibrant nightlife, and world-famous landmarks. The most popular American city is also a gastronomy heaven for foodies and people who enjoy tasty meals.

The 'Jack the Horse Tavern' in NYC
Here are four of the finest dining establishments in the Big Apple.

1. Juliana’s Pizza – Great Pizza and Cheesecake

Located on 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, at less than a mile from Wall Street, Juliana’s is a New York-style pizzeria with a welcoming ambiance and rich menu of mouth-watering Italian and local dishes. Apart from offering delicious pies, the restaurant is also famous for its amazing cheesecake.

The facade of Juliana's Pizza, one of the best pizzerias in New York.
2. Yemen Cafe and Restaurant – The Veggie Heaven

Yemen Cafe and Restaurant is another prominent dining establishment located in Brooklyn. The restaurant offers a menu of Middle Eastern, vegetarian, and vegan delicacies that leave their guests craving for more. The lamb haneeth is a must-try as it is especially popular.

The lamb haneeth with rice served at the Yemen Cafe and Restaurant in Brooklyn, NYC.
3. El Malecon – Unrivaled Dominican Rotisserie Chicken

Many travelers, locals, and food critics consider El Malecon to offer the best Spanish and Caribbean food not only in New York but the United States as a whole. Situated on 5592 Broadway, Bronx, El Malecon is the perfect spot to grab a tasty bite before visiting the nearby Met Cloisters museum.

The interior of the El Malecon, a well-known Caribbean and Spanish restaurant throughout NYC and the U.S.
4. Peter Pan Bakery – The Perfect Treats for a Sweet Tooth

The donuts and bagels from Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn are simply said to die for. While there is some waiting to get the tasty treats, it’s time well spent, especially for those who have a sweet tooth.

The front of the Peter Pan Bakery

5. Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken – Meet Charles

Almost everyone loves fried chicken, and while in New York, Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken in Harlem is the place to get it. Charles, the owner, is a master at poultry cuisine and is known to welcome all his guests with a mesmerizing and contagious smile. The fried, smothered, and barbecue chicken dishes are fabulous, while the pork ribs and fried fish are equally tasty.

Charles, the chef and owner of the Charles' Country Pan Fried Chicken sitting down with a customer.
Other notable eateries in New York

These are only five of the many well-known dining establishments throughout New York that are worth a visit. Other notable places are Patsy’s, Alibaba, Cafe Cello, Jack The Horse Tavern, the Farmacy, Second Ave Deli, Kiin Thai Eatery, Thelewala, Unidentified Flying Chickens, and more.