People Can’t Stop Making This TikTok Salmon and Rice Recipe

For a long time, social media platforms have been the new cookbooks for delicious-dish enthusiasts. It’s actually not that difficult to believe – people are more or less obsessed with social media such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and many more, so they spend a lot of time on them. Some make up delicious recipes and share them. Well, one influencer came up with a delicious rice and salmon recipe, and people are going crazy over it!

TikTok Salmon and Rice Recipe

How to Make This Simple Rice Dish

The viral video has over 4 million views and has been everywhere on people’s TikToks. It’s impossible not to run into the recipe since it’s been talked about and copied time and time again since lifestyle blogger Emily Mariko uploaded her video. The recipe is simple, and that’s the main reason people follow it. And it’s delicious!

Preparing the Delicious Meal

Starting the recipe is extremely easy – you need salmon and rice. The lifestyle blogger uses leftovers to make the dish, but fresh ingredients do the job just as well. She starts by tearing up the salmon with a fork, placing it on a plate, and covering it with cooked white rice – about a bowl’s worth. She adds Kewpie mayo, which is essential, and some soy sauce. You can do as she does and slice up some avocado, put kimchi in another dish, and break out the seaweed snacks. It’s an easy recipe that takes boiling, tearing, and plating.

TikTok Salmon and Rice Recipe Ingredients

Ice Cube Magic

The end of the dish has an interesting twist – an ice cube appears! Everyone knows that the white grain tends to form a more firm, crunchie exterior shell after a day or two, which might not be to people’s liking. People also know that heating rice with water brings back some of the fluff. Now, thanks to Emily, we know about the ice cube trick. It’s the same as the water – put it in the middle of the bowl, cover it with parchment paper, and throw it in the microwave for a bit.

woman holding cubes of ice

Don’t hesitate to join countless social media users and make the salmon and rice dish that’s gone viral recently. You will enjoy the mouthwatering taste and love how little time it takes to make!