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It is a proven reality that casual pants for men can be great for everyday activity and official events. Still, finding the right pair of casual pants is crucial and should not be left to chance. Whether it is for a flight abroad or a business meeting, men can choose from many options, and sometimes there is no right answer. Casual Pants for Men Are Available In a Wide Variety of Options Whatever the reason or occasion, there's always a pair of pants awaiting the right man to pick them up. Slim fit, classic fit, straight fit, relaxed fit, it doesn't matter what it is, there is an option for every occasion. So, here are five of the most common and useful pants a man can wear every day or at special events. Chino Pants Are a Wonderful Option for Dates and Hanging at the Park Chino is a fabric known for its military-grade sturdiness and casual look. Over the last few decades, chino pants have become more than a standard-issue army fare and morphed into civilian-life staples. They are available in every shade of khaki imaginable and are viewed as some of the coolest pairs the market has to offer. There has even been a recent subversion of the fabric's neutral origins because they now come in unexpected colors and patterns. Khaki Pants Are the Template for the Projections of Many Designers Like chinos, khakis are considered a perennial classic of the casual American style. The main difference between the two is that while chino is a fabric, khaki is a color. Khakis derive their name from a certain shade of light brown that has become ubiquitous around the US. The trend emerged after World War II veterans adapted the bottom half of their uniforms to the rigors of regular, civilian life. In time, khakis became a color that encompasses everything from mossy olive green to plain Jane beige and has long since been accepted as a work-appropriate attire. Cargo Pants Are Unbeatable When It Comes to Carrying Space and Utility There is no contest when it comes to the utility and carrying space that cargo pants offer. Even in their simplest form, they are ultra-practical. That is probably because of the fact that these military-inspired trousers have plenty of discrete pocket space, making them perfect for running errands without lugging a mostly-empty bag around. Over the last few years, big-box brands and designers have updated the silhouette and proportions of cargo pants, even adding more pockets in some cases. So, now it is easier than ever to find the perfect cargo pants. Pleated Pants Remain the Coolest Option for Men With Taste Even in today's fragmented pants landscape, one truth remains hard to ignore, and that is the fact that all the coolest pairs have pleats. Certainly, in the past few years, the biggest names in menswear have used the same surefire recipe for creating consistently tasty men's pants. They all owe their success to a simple and not very secret ingredient called pleats. While flat-front pants are not to be thrown away, trying out some pleated pants is always a good choice. Work Pants Are the Sturdy, Flexible Option for a Day of Hard Work While it was three years ago when people collectively freaked out for sturdy painter's pants, the work pants style's popularity hasn't worn out and remains the favorite choice for many working men. It has a sustained appeal and getting a pair is certainly a good investment in durable pants. Every brand on the market practically has a version of the silhouette and finding the perfect one is all about individual preference.

Casual Pants for Men Can Be Comfortable, Versatile, and Stylish


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