NBC Has Decided to Cancel the Show Magnum P.I. for a Second Time

The show Magnum P.I. has been through a wild ride of cancellation and renewal. After the series started on CBS, it was canceled after its fourth season. It was then rescued by NBC, who renewed it for Season 5 in the 2023 TV schedule. The show was now canceled for a second time.

Magnum P.I. Has Been Canceled

NBC Has Decided to Cancel the Show Magnum P.I. for a Second Time
Magnum P.I. Has Been Canceled

The cast of Magnum P.I., led by Jay Hernandez, reprised their roles after the network switch, but despite that, the show would only last for one more season. This news comes after Hernandez opened up about what he really liked about the show in an interview earlier this year. In 2022 NBC originally ordered a fifth and sixth season as well, planning ten episodes for each one. Soon after that, the schedule was changed to a 20-episode Season 5.

While Magnum P.I. Still has ten episodes set to air months from now, it became clear that the show will get the axe. Despite that, fans believe they have not seen the last of Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks, and others from the cast. The cancellation is likely due to cast options set to expire on June 30, and the network has decided not to renew the show even before the second half of Season 5. The cancellation also means that Magnum P.I. will end before hitting the 100-episode milestone.

Hernandez Loved Working on the Show

Hernandez Loved Working on the Show

Earlier this year, Jay Hernandez was optimistic about an eventual renewal to get the show to 100 episodes, but the WGA strike started shortly after that and made the future of all scripted television uncertain. The interview took place in the wake of the debut of the second episode of Magnum P.I., one that he directed. During the interview, the actor was asked how he felt about tackling an episode as a director while portraying Thomas Magnum. He said that directing was something he really loved doing, and he couldn’t wait to get a chance to do it again. He also expressed his desire to write an episode.

Apparently, Hernandez also liked the action and flashback sequences. The actor said that he also loved the flashbacks because they gave him the opportunity to expand the character for the audience. Even though the show has little hope of a second rescue, fans can at least look forward to ten more episodes.

The Popular Minecraft Is Getting Four Limited Ice Cream Flavors

Minecraft is known for having a fair number of collaborations with food and snack companies since it has been first released, and now launching a new variety of ice cream. With collaborations going well for Minecraft and its partners, it’s possible that this won’t be the last time Minecraft-inspired food becomes available to the fans.

Minecraft Launches Four Different Flavors of Ice Cream

the new Minecraft ice cream flavors

Minecraft is a game that is being played by a wide range of ages, from the young to the elderly, so various brands and types of food are often marketed to the fans. In this case, this ice cream appears to be a rather healthy choice. Minecraft is partnering with the snack brand N!CK’S to create new ice cream flavors. They will be four in total, and each flavor will be based on an in-game item or food. The flavors include Enchanted Apple Pie, Peanot Choklad Glowdust, Cake Blocka, and Emerald Minta. These will be lower in calories and without any added sugar, making them a keto-friendly diet choice. The packaging is reminiscent of the game’s theme and represents square containers that resemble the in-game blocks.

The New Flavors Are Only Available Online

The New Minecraft Flavors

The Minecraft ice cream can only be bought online and will then be shipped to the purchaser’s home. Each pint is $9.99 and buyers can even get a bonus if they purchase Minecraft-themed flavor bundles, which come with a free non-Minecraft flavor. Because the product is frozen and shipping-only, fans will be unable to buy these products from second-hand sellers, meaning that price gouging will likely not be a thing.

N!CK’S has been around since 2017 and since then, it has made waves with its products, becoming the number one US direct-to-consumer pint ice cream delivery brand in 2021. Minecraft‘s prior food products include things like Minecraft Creeper Cereal and Eggo waffles. Many other popular games do partnerships with other brands but this one is rather unique because it has a healthy diet-safe option available.