Harry Styles ‘Attacked’ Mid-Show in Disturbing New Trend

Harry Styles Was Struck by an Object Thrown From the Crowd During Concert

In a disturbing new trend, Harry Styles, the three-time Grammy award winner, became the target of an object thrown from the crowd during his Love on Tour concert in Vienna. Wearing a green sequined jumpsuit, Styles was struck in the eye by an unknown object, causing visible discomfort and prompting concern for his safety. This action by the audiences has been a recent happening in concerts that have brought to light the need for the safety of the artists during shows.

Previous Incidents and Lack of Etiquette

Previous Incidents and Lack of Etiquette

This incident, captured in a fan’s video posted on Instagram, highlights the need for concertgoers to treat performers with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer has experienced similar incidents in the past, including being hit in the eye with Skittles and being targeted with other items like kiwi fruit and chicken nuggets. Sadly, Harry Styles is not the only artist affected by this concerning trend. Artists including Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, Kelsea Ballerini, Drake, and even Adele have faced objects being thrown at them during their performances, showcasing the growth of a rather alarming trend.

Artists Speaking Out Against the Trend

Artists Speaking Out Against the Trend

The lack of etiquette and respect from some concert crowds has become a growing concern, with Adele even issuing a stern warning to fans during her Las Vegas show. Pop star Charlie Puth took to Twitter to condemn this behavior, emphasizing its disrespectfulness and danger. He urged fans to simply enjoy the music and called for an end to the trend of throwing objects at performers on stage. It is crucial that concert attendees recognize the impact of their actions and show appreciation for the artists they admire. The safety and well-being of performers should always be a top priority, and such hazardous behavior must be firmly discouraged. A healthy relationship between the artist and their audience can only better the experience for everybody involved.

Mom’s Touch: South Korea’s Most Popular Fast Food Chain Opens First U.S. Location

Mom’s Touch is a popular Asian fried chicken chain that has recently opened its first location in the United States. The latest contender in the country’s fried chicken wars is already very popular across Asia with its 1,300 locations.

The First Mom’s Touch In the US Is Also the Chain’s First Location Overseas

The first Mom's Touch location in the the U.S. Mom’s Touch and its fried chicken sandwiches, chicken wings, chicken fingers, and other menu items are already very popular in South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. Its first US location is at the Gardena Plaza in California, and the chain is planning to expand further across the country. WaBa Grill has exclusive rights to the business for the US and plans to open more locations in Southern California, including one in Long Beach.

Future Mom’s Touch Locations Will Be Decided Through Franchising

“Eat This, Not That” founded Mom’s Touch in South Korea in 1997. The chain uses fresh, never frozen chicken and seasons it with Cajun spices, and for additional crunch, they coat it in batter. Mike Lee is the director of marketing and finance at Mom’s Touch, and according to him, Mom’s Touch has set high standards on service and quality. He has clarified that rather than taking shortcuts to save on the cost and time, they take the extra steps and invest in exceptional equipment, processes, and ingredients. The company believes that people should eat the things that make them happy, and that’s the kind of food they serve.

Mom's Touch burger

Mike Lee further commented on the opening of the new location. He said they were extremely pleased to start their journey in the city of Gardena. He pointed out that the community has a unique mix of history and diversity and gives an authentic feeling of belonging. According to him, at the heart of Mom’s Touch is a deep sense of care for the customers and the food they serve. Lee also said they were looking forward to serving the community and forge lasting relationships with their new guests. Mom’s Touch is planning to become more than a new chicken and sandwich spot. The company has plans to support the local organizations that matter most to the community.