Travis Kelce Had the Best Reaction to Being Called ‘Taylor’s Boyfriend’

Travis Kelce Had the Best Reaction to Being Called ‘Taylor’s Boyfriend’

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has been making headlines as the pop star continues to support her NFL star boyfriend during his games. Their most recent appearance at Arrowhead Stadium marked Kelce’s fifth consecutive win this season, and Swift’s presence seems to bring good luck to the team. But it was a unique shoutout from a fan that caught everyone’s attention.

Swift’s Game-Day Style

For this game, Taylor Swift switched her attire from an oversized Chiefs windbreaker to a 1990 USA Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt from Ellie Mae Vintage.

Swift’s Game-Day Style

She paired it with a stylish navy pleated skirt, black platform loafers from Reformation, and matching black socks. Notably, she added a personal touch with a gold friendship bracelet featuring Kelce’s jersey number, 87.

The Playful Fan Interaction

One fan shouted as the couple left Arrowhead Stadium, “Let’s go Taylor’s boyfriend.” With this Kelce fist pumped joyfully into the air. Their lighthearted exchange was caught on camera, making it an instant sensation online.

Apart from showing their carefree approach to their public relations, this incident also confirms how close they are as a couple. Even with the enormous focus on Kelce and Swift, their bond remains unbroken coupled with a lot of humor. Clearly, they love to be with one another and are head over heels in love!

The Strong Connection

Whether it’s a football game or a music performance, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continue to be each other’s biggest fans. In the exciting world of celebrity relationships, the duo’s unique and light-hearted approach to fame and fandom certainly makes them stand out.

The two continue to find joy in the small, spontaneous moments, like this playful fan interaction, reflecting a relationship built on genuine connection and shared laughter. With a growing list of public appearances and memorable moments, they continue to capture the hearts of their fans and admirers.

Ben Affleck Will No Longer Participate in Batman Movies

10/0Ben Affleck has spoken about his Justice League difficulties before. The actor also pointed out that his friend and collaborator Matt Damon was a “principal influence” on his decision to not participate in such projects anymore.

Matt Damon (left) and Ben Affleck (right)

Ben Affleck’s latest movies include Riley Scott’s The Last Duel and George Clooney’s The Tender Bar. Speaking with Damon as part of a new Entertainment Weekly feature, Affleck noted that it was “deceptively difficult” to play a leading role. He explained that—with age—an actor had a greater chance to really “know” their feelings.

Ben Affleck Enjoyed Making The Last Duel

Affleck describes the experience he had around Justice League as a “nadir” and says it was so for a lot of reasons. The actor doesn’t want to blame anybody. However, he wasn’t happy being there and he didn’t think it was interesting. Ben Affleck adds that then some really awful things happened and he decided he wouldn’t be doing that in the future.

Affleck’s previous mentioning of his Batman era was when clearing the air on Jimmy Kimmel Live about how comments he made during a Howard Stern interview. They were spun to misrepresent him. Because of his kids, the actor had to just draw a line.

Ben Affleck in 'The Last Duel' Affleck considers Damon influential in the decision that came next. The two actors did The Last Duel together, and Affleck had fun every day in the movie, even though he wasn’t the star but rather the villain. The film was something that came along and that Ben Affleck wasn’t chasing, yet it brought him much joy.

Affleck’s Last Appearance as Batman in The Flash

Affleck will appear in a Batman capacity one last time in the upcoming The Flash from director Andy Muschietti. Another former Batman – Michael Keaton, will also be in the film.

Ben Affleck in 'The Flash'

Elsewhere in Tuesday’s EW feature, Ben Affleck also spoke about the often-mocked 2003 film Gigli. Affleck said there was a “perfect storm” of issues surrounding the film’s release. However, Ben Affleck now sounds thankful for the overall experience. It ultimately motivated him to pursue directing, which he touted to be “the real love” of his professional life.