The Three Best Ways to Watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe In Order

It is debated if the best way to do the ultimate Marvel marathon is to go through the movies by release dates or in chronological order. Now, more than a decade since Iron Man‘s premiere, fans have an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to go through, comprising dozens of shows, films, and other content, with more on the way.

The Guide for New Marvel Fans

Poster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When a new Marvel fan decides to join in on the fun and wants to see all shows and movies that have come out so far, they usually ask themselves what the best order to watch them is. The answer is that there are three accepted ways to go about it. One option is to watch all movies in chronological order, another is to follow the order of release of each movie, and the third one is to combine watching all movies and shows in timeline order.

Marvel Movies in Chronological Order

Announcement of the Phase Five projects for the MCU

A good way to find all Marvel movies in chronological order is to go to Disney+. The streaming service has the option to watch everything Marvel in chronological order. Watching the movies like that can get a little confusing because new characters are often introduced out of the blue, but things aren’t that complicated for it to be a problem. All Marvel films eventually end up on Disney+, with notable exceptions being the Spider-Man films, The Incredible Hulk, and the most recent releases.

Marvel Movies by Release Date

The Marvel movies as seen on Disney+

People who want to see the movies, like the audience who went to every release, can easily do so by checking online and going through every movie in order. Some consider this the best way to go about watching the Marvel movies because that’s how the story was intended to unfold. It’s easy to follow the storyline, and there are fewer inconsistencies to confuse the viewer. Most Marvel movies also belong to a phase group of projects that were completed at the same time.

The Ultimate Timeline Order

A still from the Marvel TV series Ms. Marvel

Some people want to go all in on the Marvel experience and decide to watch all movies and TV shows in the order of the timeline. This kind of watch isn’t for everyone because it involves hundreds of hours of content. But those who want to do it can still commit and make a combined TV and movie list featuring everything concerning the Marvel universe. The iconic Marvel One-Shots are also great and can be considered for that list. This approach requires the viewer to jump between some shows in the middle of a season, watch a movie or two, and come back to continue with the episodes.