Don’t Nod Entertainment Teases Gamers With a New Game Set in the ’90s

Life Is Strange

The developer of Life is Strange and Vampyr, Don’t Nod Entertainment, has released the first teaser image for their upcoming game. People are hyped because the image is buzzing with nostalgia for the 1990s and Life is Strange’s signature visual style.

Don’t Nod’s Amazing Games

The teaser image from Don't Nod Entertainment

Don’t Nod Entertainment’s first action-adventure game, Remember Me, was released back in 2013 and published by Capcom. It featured solid combat and an outstanding storyline. The studio managed to break into a more mainstream spotlight with its game, Life is Strange. The drama, with a healthy dose of the supernatural, propelled Don’t Nod into the ranks of top AA studios. They carved a distinct niche in the industry with their episodic release model. The 2018 sequel Life is Strange 2 cemented Don’t Nod’s position as an industry storytelling powerhouse. The following year, the studio truly demonstrated that it still had action-adventure chops by collaborating with Saber Interactive to release the action game Vampyr.

The Studio Is Back With a Bang!

Don't Nod Entertainment poster

Last year, Don’t Nod released the story-focused RPG Gerda: A Flame in Winter. However, the studio hasn’t released a title since 2020’s Twin Mirror — a game that received mixed reviews, and numerous fans complained that the quality was not up to the Life is Strange series’s standards. Many people see this new teaser from the studio as a declaration of returning to form, with a narrative focus that appears to be honing in on its coming-of-age roots. It’s still unclear whether this mysterious new title will have any kind of supernatural twist. Given Don’t Nod’s track record, this feels like a safe bet.

While fans speculate about the new game, whether it’s something completely different or a new entry in the Life is Strange series, many are waiting for an official announcement. Future Game Show at E3 is scheduled for late spring 2023, and who knows, we may see the big reveal on one of these events.

Japanese Vending Machines Sell Everything, Including Ramen

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Vending machine in Japan

Ramen from a Vending Machine

The vending machine that sells ramen is called Local Ramen Selection, and it has chicken-flavored shoyu and shio ramen from JUNKSTORY in Osaka, which is a Michelin Guide-listed restaurant, as well as KaneKitchen Noodles in Tokyo.

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Japan Craves Convenience with Vending Machines

America has had a love for vending machines for generations, and there are about 7 million of them in the country that sell snacks, sodas, and more. However, Japan is the vending machine capital of the world as it has one machine for every 30 people. They sell everything you can think of – from snacks to clothing, frozen food, like ramen, and fresh fruit, toys, scorpions, and more.

A vending machine in Japan that sells ramen.

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