Fall Guys Has Registered a Record “Epic Games” Store Player Count

Fall Guys went free-to-play a few weeks ago after it left Steam and became an Epic Games Store exclusive. After the change in storefronts, the Fall Guys player count on Steam still received a huge spike, scoring almost five times as many players as it did at its peak. Unsurprisingly, it’s doing pretty good on Epic and even set a new record for active players on June 21, when Fall Guys went free.

Fall Guys Set a New Record for Active Players When it Became Free

Fall Guys promotional image

It was a huge week for Fall Guys as they had more than doubled their previous active player record, contributing to a record number of players for the store. Epic thanked all the new players and clarified that the record number of active players referred to the cumulative number on the storefront during that day. Apparently, Fall Guys greatly contributed to the total number.

Player numbers for individual Epic Store games aren’t readily available but that is not the case on Steam. It enables people to draw conclusions about how a game is doing. According to Steamcharts, the all-time peak of players for Fall Guys on Steam was 172,026, putting the total number of players enjoying the game at 350,000.

Fall Guys Is Now Epic Store Exclusive but Is Still Played on Steam

Fall Guys gameplay image

So far, Fall Guys keeps getting significant attention on Steam, despite not being available for purchase there. It recently achieved a peak concurrent player count of over 56,500. Apparently, Fall Guys got 20 million total players during the first two days after going free to play. That kind of sudden rise in players is bound to bring about some challenges. Apparently, Mediatonic is still rolling out updates to ensure the new load of players gets handled properly.

The latest updates are really impactful. PS5 Players will be able to get into games when in a Party and teams will no longer spawn in the same place during Team Rounds. The company has also fixed some visual issues with Nintendo Switch and Spawn FX, some buttons and intro cameras, and issues with Airtime and Sweet Thieves intro cams.

Mediatonic Fixed Many Bugs That Fall Guys Had in the Past

Fall Guys gameplay image

Mediatonic fixed a bug that kept party members in the queue, even though a new player had joined the party. They also fixed visual issues like invisible tiles, control issues, and graphical corruption problems. Animation problems, communication issues, and a problem with freezing when changing controllers were all resolved as well, among other issues. Unfortunately, Mediatonic disabled the Daily Store while working on some of the more persistent issues. They then ensured the store was back online. Now that Fall Guys is getting even more popular, it is certain that it will receive more updates and fixes as time goes on.

Why Adding Skateboarding (Skating) to the Olympic Games is a Good Step

For the very first time, skateboarding was an official Olympic event at the 2020 Tokyo Games. If it were any other sport, people would be celebrating; however, for the sport of skating, that wasn’t exactly the case. The organizers of the Tokyo games recommended that skateboarding should be added, and it all started with thousands of signatures on a petition delivered to the International Olympic Committee. After it became official, people had mixed feelings about the outcome.

A person skating during the Tokyo Olympics

The reason behind the mixed feelings, and mainly the disgust and headache, is that almost any skater will agree that skateboarding isn’t a sport, but instead, it’s a lifestyle, state of mind, and community. Through the years, skating has dealt with an outlaw reputation and skateboarders are even banned from skating freely in certain areas.

However, to other skaters, adding skateboarding to the Olympic games is a good step forward. Here’s why:

Growing the Platform for Skating Enthusiasts

A lot of the arguments against adding skateboarding to the games have come from men and spaces that are male-dominated. Over the years, men have always had a platform and the opportunity to express themselves through skating. That has been proved as they’ve dominated numerous magazine covers, secured sponsorships, competed in contests, and more, which women didn’t have a chance to do. With skateboarding in the Olympics, that has and will continue to change as more women and LGTBQ+ take on the sport.

More People Will Be Exposed to Skateboarding

A player skating at the Tokyo Olympics Having skateboarding in the Olympics can introduce the sport to people who might now have been familiar with or have engaged with the sport in the past. It can help people creatively express themselves, overcome challenges, and build self-confidence.

Help to Change Its Reputation

Even though skating is popular in the United States, around the world, it doesn’t get the same praise. In Japan, skateboarding is considered to be dangerous and the people who skate are considered to be rebels.

By adding skateboarding to the Olympic games, it can change the way skating is viewed around the world and even shed light on how great of a sport it can be.