Gamer CarnyJared Shatters Guitar Hero Record With Unprecedented Free Bird Feat

Twitch Streamer CarnyJared Sets New Guitar Hero Record

CarnyJared, a dedicated Twitch streamer, has etched his name in record books by achieving an astounding feat in the gaming world. His triumph involves mastering the song “Free Bird” on Guitar Hero 2 – but with a twist! He did it at an unimaginable 300% speed!

Setting a New Standard

Setting a New Standard

Before CarnyJared’s breakthrough, the benchmark was reaching a flawless full combo on Guitar Hero 2’s “Free Bird” at 235% speed, but CarnyJared aimed higher. Through sheer determination and tireless effort, he not only exceeded the norm but triumphed over the song at triple the regular pace, earning a flawless score. The road that led CarnyJared to this Guitar Hero triumph was paved with dedication and effort. Having endured 532 previous attempts, he often came close to the record, showcasing his unwavering resolve to conquer the challenge. Despite facing setbacks and uncertainties, he pressed on, continuously testing his limits. His audience of more than 4,000 devoted followers bore witness to his victorious breakthrough, all unfolding in a live-streamed spectacle.

A Triumph Acknowledged

As CarnyJared’s journey culminated in a remarkable feat, his devoted community united in celebration. The chat brimmed with messages of praise and elation, as viewers came together to applaud his hard-won victory in Guitar Hero. Amidst all the congratulations, a common sentiment resonated that his accomplishment was well-deserved. The shower of appreciation from his followers affirmed the dedication and perseverance he poured into his achievement.

Embracing New Horizons

While mastering the “Free Bird” song at an extreme speed was a monumental milestone, CarnyJared’s aspirations reached even higher. With unswerving determination, he revealed his intent to tackle fresh challenges. The realm of Guitar Hero holds uncharted territories, where unbroken records beckon. With the harmonious blend of his unyielding commitment and unwavering community backing, CarnyJared’s journey promises to ascend to unexplored heights within the domain of Guitar Hero gaming.

A Strange Critter Called “Dinosaur Shrimp” Appeared in Arizona

Dinosaur Shrimp

After a torrential summer downpour in northern Arizona, numerous strange, prehistoric-looking creatures exited their tiny eggs and began swimming in a temporary lake on the desert landscape, as reported by officials at Wupatki National Monument. Each one of these creatures is the size of a tadpole and is called a Triop or dinosaur shrimp.

Dinosaur Shrimp at the Wupatki National Monument

A dinosaur shrimp can be described as a mini-horseshoe crab with three eyes, according to Lauren Carter, lead interpretation ranger at the Wupatki National Monument. The eggs of these “shrimps” lied dormant for years in the desert until enough rainfall fell to create lakes that provided territory and time for the hatchlings to mature and lay eggs for the next generation.

Wupatki National Monument The Triops looked so uncommon, that when tourists reported seeing them at a temporary lake within the monument’s ceremonial ball court, the monument’s staff was not sure what they were.

After a monsoon in late July, water on the court was expected but not its inhabitants, according to Lauren Carter. The ranger was told by tourists about the emergence of “tadpoles.” At first, she thought that toads had emerged from the underground burrows to lay eggs. After examining them carefully and researching the creatures, she identified them as Triops.

Older Than the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Shrimp The word Triops means “three eyes” in Greek. Sometimes, a Triop is called dinosaur shrimp. This is so because they have a very long evolutionary history. The ancestors of the Triops evolved in the Devonian period, which was 419 million to 359 million years ago. However, their appearance has not changed all that much since their first appearance on our planet, according to Central Michigan University. For comparison, the dinosaurs emerged at a much later stage – during the Triassic period, which started about 252 million years ago.

The theory of evolution by natural selection was first developed in Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859. It describes how organisms evolve over generations by inheriting physical or behavioral traits.