The Popular Minecraft Is Getting Four Limited Ice Cream Flavors

Minecraft is known for having a fair number of collaborations with food and snack companies since it has been first released, and now launching a new variety of ice cream. With collaborations going well for Minecraft and its partners, it’s possible that this won’t be the last time Minecraft-inspired food becomes available to the fans.

Minecraft Launches Four Different Flavors of Ice Cream

the new Minecraft ice cream flavors

Minecraft is a game that is being played by a wide range of ages, from the young to the elderly, so various brands and types of food are often marketed to the fans. In this case, this ice cream appears to be a rather healthy choice. Minecraft is partnering with the snack brand N!CK’S to create new ice cream flavors. They will be four in total, and each flavor will be based on an in-game item or food. The flavors include Enchanted Apple Pie, Peanot Choklad Glowdust, Cake Blocka, and Emerald Minta. These will be lower in calories and without any added sugar, making them a keto-friendly diet choice. The packaging is reminiscent of the game’s theme and represents square containers that resemble the in-game blocks.

The New Flavors Are Only Available Online

The New Minecraft Flavors

The Minecraft ice cream can only be bought online and will then be shipped to the purchaser’s home. Each pint is $9.99 and buyers can even get a bonus if they purchase Minecraft-themed flavor bundles, which come with a free non-Minecraft flavor. Because the product is frozen and shipping-only, fans will be unable to buy these products from second-hand sellers, meaning that price gouging will likely not be a thing.

N!CK’S has been around since 2017 and since then, it has made waves with its products, becoming the number one US direct-to-consumer pint ice cream delivery brand in 2021. Minecraft‘s prior food products include things like Minecraft Creeper Cereal and Eggo waffles. Many other popular games do partnerships with other brands but this one is rather unique because it has a healthy diet-safe option available.

Hundreds of Tarantula and Scorpion Specimens Were Seized In Colombia

Authorities at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia, found and seized over 300 hundred specimens of tarantula, giant cockroaches, and scorpions, which were concealed in plastic tubs. The specimens were illegally bound for Europe and all crammed into a single suitcase.

The Tarantula, Giant Cockroach, and Scorpion Specimens Were Placed In Plastic Tubs

One of the Theraphosidae (tarantula) specimens hidden in a plastic tub The airport police managed to spot the living cargo in the luggage of two German citizens who were trying to leave the country. Subsequently, the police alerted the Ministry of Environment, who then confiscated more than 300 animals placed in some 210 plastic containers. The travelers had concealed the containers in between rolls of film and were storing 232 trapdoor spiders and tarantula specimens, 67 giant cockroaches, nine spider eggs, and a scorpion with seven young.

The Germans Claimed the Giant Cockroach, Scorpion, and Tarantula Specimens Were to Be Used for Research

According to Colombian ministry officials, while the German citizens claimed they were trying to transport the arthropods because they were planning to use them for research, they lacked proper authorization from the environmental authorities for removing them from the country. That made the act illegal, and now the apprehended travelers are facing fines and civil and criminal prosecution.

A Colombian Buthidae scorpion

So far, the investigators have discovered that the smuggled arthropods were collected in Boyacá, Bogotá, which is in the municipality of San Luis de Gaceno. Among the illicit cargo were individuals from the giant cockroach family Blaberidae, the scorpion family Buthidae, and the spider families Theraphosidae and Barychelidae.

Last September, Colombian airport authorities managed to foil another illegal export operation and confiscated nearly 3500 shark fins and 256 pounds of fish swim bladders that were going to Hong Kong. The airport has been a focus of attention for wildlife trafficking in Bogotá for some time and continues to be one of the hottest locations in that regard. According to reports, during the last year, officials at the El Dorado International Airport have recovered more than 11,000 trafficked specimens, with 7,058 of those being alive.