There Are Extra Rules to Cards Against Humanity, and They’re Epic!

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We all know and love Cards Against Humanity – the game for horrible people. However, a lot of people don’t know that there are extra rules to the game which makes it even better! Check out these often overlooked Cards Against Humanity rules, if you want to be an even worse person!

Easy Mode Rules

If you want to switch up the way you play Cards Against Humanity in a manner that’s not intimidating, try these easy rules for beginners:

  • Happy Ending – When you’re ready to stop playing the game, you must have an end-of-game ceremony. This ritual involves playing the ‘Make a Haiku’ Black Card. The game cannot end until the ceremony is complete.
  • Rebooting the Universe – Players may discard their white cards and re-draw up to 10 cards from the deck. Be warned, though, this will cost you one point each time you do it.
  • Survival of the Fittest – After everyone has played their card, each person must eliminate the card they think is the least funny. In the end, the card that’s left is the winner of that round.
  • Never Have I Ever – If a player doesn’t understand a card, they may discard it and draw a new one. However, they have to confess their ignorance to the group and accept whatever punishment they may receive for it.

Hard Mode Rules

If you’re confident in your ability to withstand a lot of inappropriateness, you can try to play Cards Against Humanity with the hard mode rules. But be warned – these are not for the faint of heart.

  • Chubby Bunny – Players must keep track of their points by storing their winning cards in their mouths. You may crumple up the cards in order to make space.
  • Tie Breaker – If the Card Czar truly can’t decide between two cards, the winning point goes to whichever player is more attractive between the two.
  • Don’t Play Cards Against Humanity – Do something more productive and better for both yourself and society with your time. We don’t recommend this one.
Image by Freepik

Happy playing!