A Skyrim Fan Baked Game-Based Sweet Rolls to Celebrate New Year’s Day


If there is a day when people feel guilty about all the feasting and make short-lived resolutions to eat healthier, it is New Year’s day. However, one Skyrim fan took a whole different approach and made some sweet rolls to celebrate. These rolls could be the perfect way for a fan of this video game to announce to the world that they are ready for another year of gaming.

Skyrim Sweet Rolls Look Delicious!

Baked Game-Based Sweet Rolls

Throughout the years, Elder Scrolls series games have included a wide variety of delicious foods, arranged from fondue and garlic bread to vegetable soup and a salmon steak. It is so unique that in the world of Skyrim, this gets away with erasing the grammatically necessary space that should be put between “sweet” and “roll”

A Reddit user made the great decision to make the transition into the New Year with a fresh batch of sweet rolls after realizing how tasty a plate of them would be. The fan cooked deserts using The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook’s recipe. This looks just as delicious as anything player characters might eat while exploring a Skyrim dungeon. This sweet roll is the perfect way to recover 5 HP, as stated in the comprehensive guide to all food in Skyrim.

Ingame Food Increases Stamina

Sweet Rolls in Skyrim

Food items in games have long been associated with health restoration and stat increases. Even Dracula hid turkey legs in the deteriorating walls of his shifting castle. Most of the food that gamers find in Skyrim is of the medieval feast variety and is more suitable for a king than a peasant.

Skyrim has been out for quite some time. Since the game’s release, fewer games have been ported to more platforms than it. That being said, the original Doom is still in the lead and may always hold this position, but Skyrim is surely making progress and unquestionably has one thing that the infamous raid does not, and this is detectable food.