The Developers of The Witcher 1 Remake Have Announced a New RPG Title

The developer, Fool’s Theory, who is currently working on the Witcher 1 remake, has disclosed that they are collaborating with 11 bit studios to develop a new supernatural RPG game named The Thaumaturge. The studios are both composed of AAA veterans, and that sounds very promising for their new project.

The Game

The Developers of the Witcher 1 Remake Have Announced a New RPG Title
The Game

Fool’s Theory has contributed to the creation of prominent games like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Outriders, while 11 bit studios have developed Frostpunk. In the past three decades, Poland has witnessed the emergence of numerous talents, with CD Projekt Red being one of its biggest success stories. CD Projekt Red is responsible for the creation of The Witcher trilogy, and although the first two games received favorable responses, it was the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that propelled the company into becoming one of the most prosperous AAA studios. Following the success of The Witcher 3, some of the developers chose to depart from CD Projekt Red to establish their own companies with the hope of working on a broader range of games.

Plenty of those developers have joined both Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studios, resulting in the production of fresh and captivating games. Currently, Fool’s Theory is focused on remaking The Witcher 1 using Unreal Engine 5, while in 2019, the company revealed Project Vitriol, which it was developing in partnership with 11 bit studios. Fans now have the chance to view a teaser of this latest offering.

Project Vitriol Is The Thaumaturge

The previously titled Project Vitriol is now known as The Thaumaturge. It is a story-driven RPG with morally ambiguous choices. Players will encounter Thaumaturges, who can control hybrid creatures called Salutors with psychic powers. However, consequences are never straightforward when dealing with these powerful beings, making for an intriguing gameplay experience.

What Will it Offer?

What Will it Offer?

The Thaumaturge is set to offer players an immersive world where decisions have consequences, and the protagonist can be molded according to the player’s preferences. Interactions with Salutors will provide players with a unique set of skills, and turn-based combat will be a prominent feature of the game. The teaser trailer for The Thaumaturge has generated great interest among gamers, and the title is expected to cater primarily to hardcore RPG fans.

7 Thought-Provoking Theories About The Universe

Our universe is a confusing place, and there’s so much of it we’ll never see during our lifetime. However, while that might be the case, that doesn’t stop us from theorizing about what the future holds.

Venus Is Earth’s Future

7 Theories About The Universe That Will Make You Think, And Then Think Again

Earth and Venus are similar in many ways, but the latter is far hotter due to the abundance of carbon dioxide. Of course, thanks to climate change, Earth could eventually record similar temperatures.

We’re Alone In The Universe

Anyone hoping to encounter aliens may be disappointed. If the Fermi Paradox is right, either life can’t exist on other planets, or it’s been destroyed without us even realizing it.

At First, There Was Nothing

Before the Big Bang, there was nothing. The universe just came to be one day, according to Stephen Hawking. How is that possible? We’re not sure if we’ll ever know the answer to that.

Time is Getting Slower

Scientists might say that the universe is expanding quicker, but they could be wrong. Due to the time it takes for light to reach us here, things could be moving slower instead.

Black Holes Are The End

7 Theories About The Universe That Will Make You Think, And Then Think Again

If you fall into a black hole, that’s it. No matter what some sci-fi films suggest, once you’re inside one, you’re either shredded into atoms or perpetuated in nothingness until the end of time.

It’s All A Simulation

“The Matrix” might just be a film, but it could be rooted in fact. According to philosopher Nick Bostrum, it’s possible that a computer really could have created a simulation like that which we’re all inside. There’s no way for us to know – yet…

The Universe Will Destroy Itself

How will the universe end? By ripping itself apart, apparently. Rather than collapsing in on itself, it’ll just grow too much to exist any longer.

These theories definitely provide some food for thought – but do try not to let them give you an existential crisis.