Why Cats Make Biscuits — Vets Reveal the Cute Reasons Behind Their Need to Knead

Why Cats Make Biscuits — Vets Reveal the Cute Reasons Behind Their Need to Knead

Many people wonder if cats were bakers in another life. It’s because they love to knead anything and everything, mimicking the motion of a baker kneading bread. This phenomenon is so common that it has its own term: making biscuits! Sure, it’s super cute, but sometimes it hurts or it can damage whatever item it is that they’re kneading. That’s why these vets are sharing why they do it and ways you can help them tone it down a bit.

The Reasons

This behavior is pretty common in feline pets, and it’s not an entirely random action. Vets share that it’s because it’s a ritual they learn while they’re kittens.

The Reasons

To stimulate milk flow, kittens often knead their mother’s belly, and it’s often used as a comforting behavior when they grow up. It’s often a sign of them being content and happy, as kneading is usually an enjoyable and relaxing activity. Kneading can also be a way to mark territory for cats, as the animals have scent glands in their paws.

When to Be Alert

While kneading itself is not a cause of concern, there are some things to keep an eye out for. For example, if this behavior starts getting excessive or agitated in nature, your cat might be showing its discomfort through kneading.

This biscuit-making habit, when accompanied by restless, aggressive meowing or a change in behavior, should be looked into as well. If you’ve seen it with a sudden change in your cat’s behavior, it’s always best to consult a vet.

Tricks and Tips

There are some things you can do to make life easier for your cat when it comes to kneading. For starters, keeping their nails clipped will help bring the pain down to a minimum. Alternatively, you can give your cat some soft surface, like a towel or blanket, for its kneading. This will help you also to save your furniture from being destroyed by their paws.

Tricks and Tips

If you’re looking to save a piece of furniture that your cat loves to get its paws on, place an aluminum foil sheet on it to discourage your pet. Lastly, playing with your cat on a regular basis and keeping it occupied will help them redirect their energy to something other than potentially destroying your furniture in an attempt to knead it.

The Cooler Master Orb X Is a New Motorized Multi-Purpose Workstation

Cooler Master has come up with an amazing design for its new motorized multi-purpose workstation. The new futuristic pod that can be used both for work and gaming is called the Cooler Master Orb X, and reports show that it looks and feels fantastic.

The Cooler Master Orb X Is Motorized, Semi-enclosed Cockpit That Rotates and Has Surround Sound

Cooler Master Orb X With Its Lighting Switched On People who want to enhance their experience working on a desk or playing games can now try to achieve that with the new Cooler Master Orb X. It looks like a futuristic version of a set of a chair, desk, PC, and audio & video equipment and offers an exciting alternative to would-be enthusiasts. The pod is also motorized and looks like a semi-enclosed cockpit. It offers private space and looks like it arrived from the future.

The Cooler Master Orb X Is Advertised By Its Manufacturer as a Multi-Purpose Workstation

Cooler Master describes their Orb X as a multi-purpose workstation, but it would immediately strike any onlooker as a gaming pod. The upper dome section can rotate up and down for easier access to the pod. The workstation has an ergonomic reclining seat that has a six-way lumbar adjustment and is fitted with a headrest. 2.1 surround sound speakers were also integrated, complementing the screen mounts on the upper dome that can be outfitted with up to three 27-inch displays. A user would also be able to opt for a 49-inch ultra-wide, curved display.

Cooler Master Orb X comes in black and white finishes.The Cooler Master Orb X has a special compartment on the back of the pod where users can place their working & gaming rig and a games console at the same time. The sliding tray is hidden behind the seat, and it allows all the cables to be hidden while keeping the noise to a minimum. Considering this, it stands to reason that the design team has also put a lot of effort into creating ventilation that will match the heat that the rigs can emit.

Enthusiasts that will purchase their own Orb X will be able to choose from white and black finishes with integrated lighting. So far, no release date or price details have been announced, but it looks obvious that such a magnificent pod will not be cheap. It is also likely that the delivery charge will be quite high, considering how large, and thus, heavy, the pod is going to be.