With the Help of A.I., Here’s How These 40+ Celebrities Would Look Without Plastic Surgery

This article appeared in www.ballercap.com and has been published here with permission.
Using A.I., Here’s How Celebrities Would Look With No Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way from the slice and dice methods that were used decades ago to keep men and women looking young. Nowadays, a facelift can be achieved in your lunch hour using lasers and chemical peels. Celebs are known to turn to plastic surgeons to find new ways to stay young and relevant in an ever-changing industry. While some have never confirmed the rumors that they went under the knife, the changes to their face and skin are clear to see. Using A.I., let’s take a look at the top 40+ celebrities who have done some work to see what they would look like if they had aged naturally.

Diana Ross

Rumors that diva Diana Ross had a few surgeries to keep herself youthful have been around for years. Born in 1944, the singer appears much younger than she is, begging the question if it’s all down to her genes or if she has indeed had work done.

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It’s a secret that Ross will never share, but we can guess it’s true by looking at pictures of her, using A.I. technology. In our opinion, to look like Diana at almost 80 would be a miracle!


It certainly seems that singer Cher has her plastic surgeon’s number on speed dial, and judging from the amount of work critics have speculated she’s had done, she’s called her surgeon many times.

Twitter // @JLoY2k

Using age-progression technology, you can see that Cher would’ve looked much more like a mid-70-year-old. But thanks to plastic surgery, Cher looks much younger now than she would if she had aged naturally.

Goldie Hawn

Staying current in Hollywood is something actress Goldie Hawn knows all about. Often overlooked for parts due to her age, many have commented on Hawn’s surgeries like a facelift and fillers to stay youthful and land roles in hit movies.

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Goldie herself, however, has never confirmed the rumors and continues to be one of Hollywood’s greats. All we can say is that her smile can still light up a room, and we’re glad that hasn’t changed too much.

Hector Elizondo

Hector Elizondo is one of those actors that doesn’t seem to age. Many fans and critics suggest that he owes his youthful complexion to surgery, but the star has never confirmed or denied the rumors.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) POPSUGAR // Taylor Hill

Looking at A.I. photos of natural age progression, we cannot deny that it looks as if Mr. Elizondo has been under his surgeon’s knife a few times. But boy does he look good, no matter how he did it! And he’s turning 86 this year!