Why People’s Faces Look Different Right After They Wake Up

That must have happened to everyone. Waking up in the morning and looking nothing like your face. Puffy and red eyes, wrinkled skin, and dark circles are just some of the things that scare a person when looking at their “morning” face. But it turns out that there’s a reason why our faces look like we’ve had a rough night instead of a good night’s sleep.

Why Does That Change Happen?

A woman looking in the mirror

Well, let’s be fair. The reason why faces look much different in the morning is not just one. There are actually many factors that make a person’s face look rather strange in the morning. According to some experts, lifestyle and dietary habits can play a role in how someone looks right after waking up.

A reason could be dining right before going to sleep. Undigested food not only makes your stomach feel bloated the next morning – it also impacts the skin on your face. Excessive exposure to the sun and low activity are other reasons that can impact one’s appearance in the morning.

Sleeping Positions Can Change How Faces Look

Man sleeping on bed

Still, the sleeping position is arguably the biggest factor for waking up with faces that don’t look their best. Dr. Purvisha Patel, the founder of Visha Skincare and dermatologist, says that sleeping in the “wrong position” can have a detrimental effect on the skin. She explains that when a person sleeps face down, gravity pulls lymphatic fluid downward. Hence, an unhealthily swollen face the next morning.

Patel suggests that sleeping on one’s back will counteract the effect. Another thing you can try is sleeping with a slightly elevated head. Of course, do not elevate the head too much, for it can have a negative effect on your head and could even lead to headaches.