The First Image From the James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Released

The first picture produced by the James Webb Space Telescope have been revealed during a big ceremony in the US. The telescope had taken a full set of pictures during its first moments of activity, and the first was released on July 12. People all over the world were first treated to a stunning image viewing the galaxies from the early universe. This first full image showcases the telescope’s great power and the capabilities of its ingenious technology. According to NASA administrator Bill Nelson, the first picture is the deepest image of the universe that has ever been taken.

The James Webb Telescope Has Taken the Deepest Picture of the Universe

The James Webb Telescope Deep Field Picture

The telescope has upgraded sensitivity and infrared resolution that allow it to view celestial objects that are too distant, old, or faint to be captured by other telescopes. The idea is that the new data from the James Webb Telescope will fill humanity’s critical gap in knowledge about the time from the Big Bang to the forming of the earliest galaxies. Much like the Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb operates in open space. While Hubble is in Earth’s low orbit, JW is sitting much further out at one of the three so-called Lagrange points, where it is in gravitational equilibrium between Earth and the Sun. The James Webb Space Telescope cost around $10 billion to create and is way bigger than the Hubble.

The James Webb Space Telescope Was Launched on an Ariane 5 Rocket

The launch of the James Webb Telescope

The European Ariane 5 Rocket took the James Webb to space, launching from the Kourou, French Guiana site in South America. The launch date was on Christmas Day, 2021, and ever since then, it has been unfurling slowly and turning on all its equipment. After a few tests were done to ensure the telescope was ready to carry out its mission, the sun shield was deployed. The five-membrane sun shield was shaped like a kite and is roughly the size of a tennis court. It protects the telescope from heat and light.

The James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope features a 6.5-meter mirror and is 10 to 100 times more sensitive than the Hubble. It will soon attempt to peer back 13.7 billion years back in time to look at the universe as it was 100 million years after the Big Bang. That will give researchers a chance to learn more about how the universe was formed.

NYFW Week SS22 Is Showing an Extravagant Standout Street Style

young women at the NYFW Week SS22

After a year and a half of experiencing fashion weeks virtually (the last totally physical outing was in February 2020), NYFW has been the first to revert to normalcy.

Brandon Maxwell, Telfar, Thom Browne, Eckhaus Latta, Tom Ford, Coach, and Michael Kors collections were presented IRL to sold-out crowds that included celebrities such as Tommy Dorfman, Thomas Doherty, Megan Fox, and Ciara, as well as fashion editors from across the world.

NYFW 2021 Returns with Street Style

NYFW 2021 street style And, of course, the great return of physical shows to New York City like NYFW actually means the return of street style, which some people have really missed. Fortunately, showgoers haven’t forgotten how to throw a major ‘fit, as seen by one of the season’s strongest presentations to date.

NYFW 2021 street style

Funky fashionistas will layer on patterns, layers, and accessories en masse for maximalist outfits that photographers will not stop photographing. Having said that, no one looks more effortlessly chic than the girl who strolls in wearing denim, a jacket, and the season’s hottest bag. Sunglasses on, of course.

NYFW 2021 street style

This demonstrates that NYFW genuinely is a space for everyone. Individuality is encouraged. The last thing you want is to appear identical to another passenger in an adjacent seat. If you’re most passionate about something, channel it through your most outlandish clothes. If going all-out isn’t your style, don’t feel compelled to alter your aesthetic in order to get recognized or be trendy. This is not TikTok, and Gen Z does not set the rules!

NYFW 2021 street style

The Pantone Color Institute released its NYFW trend report, identifying the season’s major hues based on not only what designers are gravitating toward in their presentations, but also on the prevailing cultural mood. And, as stated in a news release, the Spring 2022 color theme “reflects our aim for balance as people transition into a new landscape.”

Exciting, Dynamic & Stand-Out Hues

There are well-known hues that meet the “need for clarity, comfort, and security” (several blues, a light pink, and a soft brown), as well as more “dynamic, stand-out” hues that satisfy “our desire for spontaneity, excitement, and delight” (think punchy Poinciana red, Daffodil yellow and an electric magenta).

NYFW 2021 street style

The Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, stated in a statement that the palette “brings together our conflicting impulses for comforting familiarity and exciting adventure.” You do not have to choose a side, however: with this Spring 2022 palette, individuals can “mix and match as they want, promoting the discovery of new chromatic realities and allowing for unique style and spontaneous color statements.”