Does Space Genuinely Have No Sound?

Is Space Really Devoid of Sound?

Sound in space is a question whose answer is both yes and no. In space, there is no sound that’s audible to humans. However, space, being an imperfect vacuum, consists of particles, namely the solar wind released by the sun, that act as a medium for sound waves. The speed of sound through the interplanetary plasma in Earth’s orbit is about 50 km or 31 miles per second.


Through plasma, sound waves can travel at a much higher pace due to the high temperature and low density. While the speed of sound in plasma is considerable, it does not even compare with the solar wind. It has audible frequencies but due to the limited amount of plasma, cannot be heard directly. Found everywhere in the universe, plasmas can be vital in telling us information about their formation and internal properties that stars have. Astronomers are able to measure these waves through the analysis of changes in the brightness of a star, which then helps specify its age, mass, and other properties. It is interesting to note that supermassive black holes also possess the capability to generate plasma ripples. These ripples can produce actual musical notes, however, they are way too deep to be heard by humankind.

Sound Possibilities

Sound Possibilities

As far as sounds that can be heard in outer space are concerned, there is potential in planets like Saturn’s moon Titan and Earth. For instance, Mars has a lower average sound speed as compared to Earth. This is because of its unique atmosphere. Studies have also been conducted on Venus and Mars, through probes with microphones that have provided valuable insights into phenomena like wind speed and the like. So, it can be safe to say that, while we may not hear them, the universe is full of vibrations and waves that produce sound. They just might not be directly perceptible to us.

Two ‘90s Classic Adventure Games Get Their Own Remasters

Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure 1 & 2 are getting remasters. Both games, released in 1994 and 1997, were immensely popular throughout the globe and eventually became two of the most-played games of the ‘90s. Many kids had their minds blown by the pseudo-3-D graphics and non-linear storyline. Those who weren’t born at the time of its release will now get to touch upon the adventures, as both games will get a remake.

Games From the ’90s

Iconic Adventure Games Get Remasters

Both classic adventure games were released in Europe and quickly took over the gaming scene. The magical world of Twinsen was just what ‘90s European kids needed. But those across the Atlantic weren’t as much in favor. Apparently, the game was too French for Americans back then.

Well, the mistake will now be corrected. Both parts of the game sequel are getting remasters from the developer. But that’s not all! Rumor has it that game designers and developers are also working on a third installment from the series.

Both Games Aged With Style

Both Games Aged With Style

Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure 1 & 2 have actually aged incredibly well in terms of their visuals. However, the remasters have several considerable changes from the originals. Firstly, both installments of the sequel are buffed up for 4K resolutions. The visuals are remastered, making the whole game resemble something that’s come out from Ghibli Studios.

There’s also a follow camera included, and the analog controls are changed, too. However, paying tribute to the original games, developers have kept the controls of the first version available for those who want to try them. Keep in mind they’re a little bit finicky.

Sources say the remasters won’t be available to the public until next year. However, a demo version will become available on Steam in a few months, allowing gamers to reconnect with (or meet) Twinsen. In addition, those who want to try the old-school version can play them on Steam. The platform re-released the originals several years ago.