Here Are 5 Strange Facts About the Human Body

The next time you’re at a gathering and looking for interesting facts to share with the group, pick your brain and stun everyone with facts about the human body they probably don’t know. That will definitely make for a very topical conversation, especially if you’re willing to go into detail about every fact!

The Brain Is Actually Fat

Did you know that the human brain needs essential fatty acids to function properly? So it’s good that the brain is one of the fattiest organs. You might be interested to know it’s actually about 60% fat. We’ve all heard songs about ‘fat’ being appreciated in different ways, but perhaps the brain should be seen as the best in that category!

It’s a Fact – Bodies Glow

Many might find it interesting to know that the human body actually glows. It’s scientifically proven! Much like fireflies, we’re also bioluminescent. Interestingly, it is a reaction to free radicals produced by cell respiration. We can’t see the glow, sadly, because it is about 1,000 times weaker than fireflies. But a fact is a fact – we do glow!

Stomach Acid Can Melt Metal

You’ve probably heard of hydrochloric acid, and our stomach juices contain plenty. Its consistency is strong enough to dissolve zink! Not only that but some scientists have discovered that stomach juices could even break down razor blades. You can wow any crowd with the information that our gastral acid falls just below battery acid on the pH scale!

The Body’s Fingernails Grow Faster Than Toenails

If you’ve ever wondered why your fingernails grow faster than your toenails, there’s a scientific explanation behind it. Your hands are closer to the heart which means more blood pumps to your fingernails. That facilitates growth, but it might slow down in the cold months because blood flow is more restricted.