Eagles Fandom Over Oscars: Bradley Cooper’s Philadelphia Passion

Wikimedia Commons//Governor Tom Wolf//Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

It seems that for Bradley Cooper, the choice between an Eagles Super Bowl win and an Oscar is no dilemma at all.

In a recent guest appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the actor and director shared insights into his Philadelphia Eagles fandom, revealing a surprising preference for football glory over cinematic accolades.

The Choice for 2024

During the interview, host Howard Stern presented Cooper with a hypothetical scenario for 2024: winning the Oscar for Best Director and Best Actor, along with Carey Mulligan securing Best Actress for their 2023 movie Maestro—or witnessing the Philadelphia Eagles clinch a Super Bowl victory?

Wikimedia Commons//Governor Tom Wolf//Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Stern anticipated a contemplative response, but Cooper’s answer was swift and unequivocal. The Eagles Super Bowl victory is what Cooper declared with a laugh, quickly dismissing the allure of potential Oscar triumphs. His sentiment echoed a sentiment shared by many passionate sports fans who prioritize the success of their favorite teams over personal achievements. Even celebs can be superfans!

From Silver Linings Playbook to Super Bowl Dreams

Cooper’s dedication to the Eagles is no secret, especially considering his portrayal of an Eagles superfan in the movie Silver Linings Playbook.

The actor, who is often seen at Lincoln Financial Field, now shares his game-day experiences with his six-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine. The talk exchange showcased the actor’s genuine passion for his hometown team, proving that when it comes to Eagles success or Hollywood acclaim, Bradley Cooper’s heart truly lies on the football field.