Gym People Are Eating Dog Food to Increase Their Protein Consumption

People who are obsessed with working out at the gym have found a rather strange solution to raising their protein consumption and muscle mass at the same time. TikTok users are now trying to bulk up by eating something a little bit different. It seems that massive protein drinks may become a thing of the past for some of them. Here’s why:

Eating Dog Food?

Henry Clarisey, a 21-year-old gym guy gained 2.8 million views last month after filming himself eating dog food for the gains. Viewers watched in horror as Clarisey ate colorful dog kibbles from a bowl. His reaction revealed that perhaps it’s best to leave these treats for our animal companions. It all began with a challenge to his 171,000 video-sharing platform followers. Clarisey pledged to give dog food a try after viewing a fellow TikToker’s video in which the latter advised gym fans not to succumb to the temptation of these dog kibbles.

Clarisey did not listen and pledged to get a taste if the number of likes on his video reached 15,000. Because the video had 21.2 million views and 2.5 million likes, his little bet turned out to be a lot more successful than he initially expected. As a result, he felt obligated to put his money where his mouth was.

Eating Dog Food?

PEDIGREE Joined the Discussion

The TikTok video sparked a lot of conversation, with other gym people poking fun at Clarisey’s poor decisions and joking that they would do the same thing if it guaranteed they would get ripped. Clarisey’s effort received a significant amount of feedback online, which prompted the PEDIGREE brand of dog food to join the discussion.

A PEDIGREE spokesperson shared that the brand of dog food is specifically made for dogs. Even if a person eating the food would not put their health at risk, they don’t advise people to eat something that is meant for their pets.

Getting Ripped at the Gym

Getting Ripped at the Gym

Even though he became famous for all the wrong reasons, Clarisey seems to have learned his lesson. He acknowledges that he doesn’t plan to try any more food made for dogs because he’s concluded that the high protein levels aren’t worth the discomfort caused to his taste receptors. He says with absolute certainty that he wouldn’t do it again. Even if it has a high percentage of protein, buying dog food is not a good investment that can help you in the gym.

The Next Food Frontier Seems to Be Fish Made In a Lab or From Plants

Like many chefs around the world, Chef Tsang Chiu King now has a subtle change to his menu, more precisely, dishes with plant-based alternatives replacing the fish. Mr. Tsang has been testing alternative fish varieties at the Ming Court Wanchai restaurant in Hong Kong, and he shared that he was boosting the flavor with dates and goji berries.

Chef Tsang Is Hoping Plant-based Alternatives to Fish Will Give Customers a Surprise or New Experience

Chef Tsang Chiu King It seems plant-based products have been emerging into the foodie mainstream after vegan burgers and milk alternatives already hovered on the periphery of the market. This is probably due to how companies are now targeting omnivores who seek to reduce their meat consumption. The new, sophisticated fish alternatives have attracted both investors and restaurants in the United States and around the world.

An Increase of Awareness for the Seafood Industry’s Environment Problems Could Be the Catalyst Behind the Rise of Alternative Fish Products

One reason for the sudden rise in popularity of alternative fish products may be the fact that consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental problems caused by the seafood industry, including overfishing. Another explanation could be that plant-based foods are doing a rather good job of approximating fish texture and flavor.

The Next Food Frontier Seems to Be Fish Made In a Lab or From PlantsThe next frontier in this industry would be lab-grown seafood. The idea is to grow edible products in a lab from real cells. While the technology is still far from retail sales and commercialization, it is not as far as it used to be. Currently, one company that is selling cultivated protein is Eat Just. The San Francisco start-up offers cultured chicken nuggets that were approved for sale in Singapore last year.

There are at least two other companies in California that plan to cultivate fish meat. Those are Wildtype of San Francisco and BlueNalu of San Diego. They have both already announced plans to sell commercially in the near future. A Singaporean cell-based meat and seafood company called Shiok Meats has also stated that it plans to commercialize in 2022. It seems lab-grown seafood and meat will be available soon and inevitably go mainstream.