A Player Who Was Gifted a Lionel Messi Game Shirt Might Have Lost It

Cameron Devlin, the Australian soccer player who received Lionel Messi’s 1000th game jersey

Cameron Devlin, the Australian soccer player who received Lionel Messi’s 1,000th game jersey admitted that he had no idea where this piece of history was. He didn’t even play a minute during the World Cup; however, he traded jerseys with the Argentinian soccer megastar, despite Australia being knocked out of the top 16.

The Legendary 1,000th Game Jersey

Argentina beat Australia 2-1 earlier in the tournament, with Lionel Messi scoring an absolute beauty in the first half. Furthermore, it was also La Pulga’s 1,000th match in his impressive career. Despite being awarded Man of the Match, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner saw Devlin standing nearby and exchanged his soccer jersey with the Aussie. Fast forward a month, Devlin revealed that he might have misplaced this precious gift.

Messi and Devlin posing with the jersey

Shortly after the player returned from the World Cup, he left the shirt with his family. Now, he is unsure of exactly what his family members have done with it. In an interview, he initially said that the jersey was locked in a safe back home, and this is why he didn’t even know where it was – his family did it.

Before the exchange of the jerseys, Devlin consoled all the boys and then shook Messi’s hand. He then revealed that no one had said anything so he just tried his luck and said that he would see him inside, and then it happened.

Lionel Messi Is Humble

Lionel Messi

Soccer fans know how humble Lionel Messi is, and because of this, he was also grateful for receiving Devlin’s jersey, despite probably not even knowing who the Australian was. The Aussie rising star said that his jersey was possibly either on his wall at home or maybe still on the ground in the changing room but he was not fussed too much about it because it’s more than Messi’s jersey got. He continued that Messi didn’t know who he was but he was a nice person and showed respect during the exchange.

A ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ Player Creates Princess-Inspired Dresses

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player has shown their creative touch while playing the game. The player, whose Reddit nickname is Positive-Plankton405, has recently uploaded four images on the platform. They featured dresses created in the simulation game. The result was great. The four characters chosen for the outfits were Jasmine, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Meg.

The Story Behind the Outfits

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney has created some of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Popular names include Jiminy Cricket, Simba, and Mickey Mouse. But one can’t talk about Disney characters without mentioning their princesses. There are traditional ones, like Cinderella and Snow White, and more modern princesses, like Merida from Brave.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley fan who created the outfits has included something from each princess when creating the pieces. For example, there’s the yellow and green in Tiana’s original dress, as well as the shorter length of Pocahontas’ outfit. It seems like the player wanted to combine their creative touch and love for the characters in their work.

Plenty of Customization in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of Positive-Plankton405's dresses

Intriguingly, those aren’t the only custom items Positive-Plankton405 has created. The Disney Dreamlight Valley fan has created several backpacks designed after Adventure Time characters like Jake and BMO. The player has also gained inspiration from Ice King.

What’s certain is that the player has a way of showing others what’s possible in the game. Given the fact that more and more items are being released for the game after its official launch, the player will likely continue to post showstopping creations on the Reddit platform.

Disney Dreamlight Valley was officially released on August 23rd, 2022. It’s currently available through Early Access for PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox S/X, and Xbox One.