What Taylor Swift Would Pay to Attend the Super Bowl to See Travis Kelce’s Chiefs at the Final

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The Super Bowl is such an iconic event that even those who don’t care for sports still attend viewing parties to see the game. Sure, it’s about the sport itself, but the Super Bowl is also about the halftime performance, the commercials, and the celebrities in the crowd. If you miss the Super Bowl, you’re basically counting yourself out of every conversation that’ll take place in the weeks following the game. Given how culturally important this football game is, it’s no surprise that people will pay a pretty price for front-row seats.

The Price

As of the time of writing, Ticketmaster is selling Super Bowl tickets for $9,000-$53,500 each, depending on which seat you get. If you want a suite, like Taylor Swift gets, that’ll cost you a pretty penny. The cheapest suite for a regular game – so, not like what Taylor Swift gets – goes for $18,000-$20,000. Just in case you were planning on dating an athlete so you can get in for free, you should know that the NFL doesn’t gift suites. As for a suite at the Super Bowl, that’ll set you back $600,000-$2,600,000. If you want a full suite at the Super Bowl, complete with a buffet, drinks, and 26 tickets, you’ll need to shell out close to $2.6m, while the tickets for $600,000 are really just luxury seats.

Will Taylor Swift Be There?

If the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, we assume Taylor Swift will be there to cheer Travis Kelce on. However, whether or not that happens remains to be seen. Given that the pop star is worth $1.1b, we’re not too worried about her ability to pay for comfy seats. It’s also possible that Kelce, who has a net worth of $30m will buy a ticket for his girlfriend.

Image by Freepik

Or, you know, they can break up between now and the game. Anything can happen!