Giorgio Armani Just Relaunched Its Outerwear Collection

For winter 2022, fashion aficionados will enjoy their favorite luxury pieces when on the ski slopes. That comes clear with the relaunch of the Armani Neve outerwear collection. Bold colors, even bolder shapes, and good old warmth is what we can expect from these unique pieces. Read more about the new Neve collection and how to ski with style.

The First Launch of the Armani Neve Collection

Giorgio Armani Just Relaunched Its Outerwear Collection

The luxury brand first launched its Neve collection in the 90s. Giorgio Armani was one of the first to combine the technical needs of skiing and other winter sports and the luxury lifestyle. Back then, aficionados of the brand could get their must-have ski equipment in signature colors that made them stand out on the slopes. This season’s relaunch of the line is reminiscent of the first but much better!

The new line introduced in St. Moritz is even more off-piste than all previous winter outerwear collections Giorgio Armani has ever introduced. This collection is not just performance clothing. It’s a must-have, even if you’re just popping into the local supermarket. Every garment in the collection is created to represent that any outdoor activity in the winter can be done with style. Shopping is a sport in itself that’s pursued just as rigorously as skiing or else.

St. Moritz as a Fashion Destination

The Swiss town of St. Moritz has been a symbol of winter since the 19th century. However, its reputation took off in the 1960s. Back then, affluent Italian citizens from Milan and Turin made the town a preferred destination for the winter weekends. Italians were so prevalent that it was hard for some to remember they were in Switzerland and not Italy.

With the Armani roadshow, the Italian vibe was amplified tenfold. The Neve show was the culmination of a weekend filled with sophisticated mountain dinners and lunches. A purpose-built outdoor installation was created to host the whole show. The setting was the famous Stadion St. Moritz, which was built back in the 1920s. The stadium hosted the 1928 Winter Olympics.

Reflecting on Winter Sports the Italian Way

Armani Neve is out to reflect winter sports the Italian way. It represents that what happens on the ski slopes is just as important as what happens off the slopes. The garments in the collection have the outside appeal of streetwear and come in more refreshing colors than Armani’s usual muted tones of brown, olive, and gray.

True to its style, Armani ensured some of the pieces in the collection won’t be applicable for skiing but are intended to push the couture energy to the max.