With Pharrell’s Collaboration With Louis Vuitton, a New Era of Fashion and Pop Culture Is Underway

Pharrell Williams Appointed as the Men’s Creative Director at LV

Pharrell has recently landed quite a job with the prominent French brand, Louis Vuitton, as Men’s Creative Head. While many people doubt whether he’d be able to do a good job, the luxe brand’s CEO, Pietro Beccari, thinks this experiment could be successful if they work efficiently together.

Who Is Pharrell Williams?

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams, known as Pharrell, is one of the world’s top singers, rappers, producers, songwriters, and fashion designers. Pharrell is currently one of the most influential and renowned music producers of the 21st century, impacting the music world. And now, with LV in mind, he plans to take over the men’s fashion world.

How Did Pharrell Land the Job?

How Did Pharrell Land the Job?

There were no speculations that Pharrell would be fulfilling the spot as Men’s Fashion Director at Louis Vuitton after the passing of Virgil Abloh in 2021, as many people were expecting a young, overachiever fashion enthusiast to join the group. When the news broke, everyone went haywire about whether the superstar would be able to row the heavy waters and come out to actually be something good. But, with how the brand is already getting hyped up after Pharrell’s arrival, it might seem to be a great strategy to hire him as the creative director that will very soon play out and show the world what they were hiding. The superstar even revealed that he has a recording studio at his clothes design hub so that he can focus, keep busy, and always stay motivated to take on newer challenges.

Pharrell’s First Collection

Pharrell’s First Collection

With Pharrell’s first-ever launch for the fashion house LVERS taking place in June, everyone is super excited to see what the 50-year-old rapper has in store and how he will reshape the luxurious brand under his reign. The collection will be a tribute to Pharrell’s roots in Virginia City that he will present in Paris. If you want to get a review of the collection, Pharrell performed a test run of his innovative concept at the three-day annual Something in the Water musical festival, and it turned out to be pretty great. The newly appointed director even offers t-shirts costing $860 and hoodies costing $1,310 at the concert, which will represent his LV style that will be out soon. He even said in an interview that he wants to take the story from Paris to VA and VA to Paris and build a story around it.

A Woman Can Smell Parkinson’s and Helped Develop a Diagnostic Test

Joy Milne is a woman with a special ability to smell Parkinson’s. She figured that out 10 years after marrying her husband and noticed that he’d taken on a musty, unpleasant odor around his shoulders and the back of his neck. In an interview, she shared how, at first, she kept saying to him that he wasn’t showering properly and he was getting angry with her. But as years passed and the smell didn’t go away, Milne started noticing how her husband was getting moodier and took him to the doctor. There, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Joy Milne Discovered She Could Smell Parkinson’s at a Support Group

A Woman Can Smell Parkinson’s and Helps Develop a Diagnostic Test When Milne and her husband joined a support group for Parkinson’s patients and their families, she instantly noticed the others had the same smell as her husband. So, ever since her husband’s passing in 2015, Milne, who has a heightened sense of smell, has worked with Parkinson’s disease researchers and doctors. Now, the team says they’ve developed a simple skin swab test that was meant to detect the disease within three minutes. According to neurologist Monty Silverdale, the test has the potential to improve the diagnosis and management of people with Parkinson’s disease significantly.

People With Parkinson’s Have Lipids on the Skin That Are More Active

The findings dig deeper into exactly what Joy Milne can smell. The scientists managed to discover that people with Parkinson’s have certain lipids in an oily substance found on the skin, that are more active. This substance collects in the upper back region and gives off the scent Milne can sense. The new skin swab test is meant to collect the oily substance from a patient’s back. Under laboratory conditions, doctors can then use mass spectrometry to test and detect Parkinson’s disease with 95% accuracy.

Currently, there’s no cure for Parkinson’s disease and doctors diagnose it by monitoring patients’ symptoms, a procedure that can take up to one year. A test could make a big difference because people won’t have to wait months, or years, to get a diagnosis and start treatment.