45+ Facts About Our Favorite Celebs That We Never Knew About

Wikimedia Commons // US Embassy South Africa // Public Domain

Are you a pop culture fanatic? Do you consider yourself an expert on all things celebrity? Think again. We’ve compiled a list of over 45 surprising facts about some of our favorite stars that’ll leave you amazed. From bizarre phobias to unusual hobbies, these revelations about your favorite celebs will catch you off guard. Get ready to learn about the hidden quirks and unique characteristics of some of the most famous people in the world. Get ready to be surprised!

Matthew Perry

Did you know Matthew Perry, Chandler Bing from Friends, is missing part of his middle finger? It’s true! Perry lost the tip of his finger when he was younger due to a door-shutting accident.

Twitter // @UberFacts

Despite the accident, Perry hasn’t let his missing finger stop him from achieving success in Hollywood. Some eagle-eyed Friends fans have spotted moments on the show where Perry appears to hide his finger. Others have noticed that he occasionally uses it as a comedic prop. Talk about turning a negative into a positive!

Elvis Presley

Believe it or not, the King of Rock and Roll was a natural blonde! Elvis Presley’s trademark hairstyle is almost as famous as his music. The thing is very few people realize that his locks were light-colored in their natural state.

Wikimedia Commons // Uncredited // Public Domain

According to Presley’s hairdresser, the singer’s hair was sandy blonde as a child. It gradually darkened as he got older. Of course, that didn’t stop him from becoming an icon with his signature black pompadour. It shows that sometimes, a little hair dye can go a long way in creating an image!

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum began his career as a backup dancer. Before he became a Hollywood heartthrob, Ricky Martin’s hit single “She Bangs” and other music videos featured dancer Tatum.

Facebook // Channing Tatum

Young Tatum can be seen in the video busting out some incredible moves with Martin, showcasing his innate rhythm and charisma. It’s no wonder he became a celebrity in his own right, with his acting ability and obvious on-screen presence.

Denzel Washington

Here’s a fun fact about Denzel Washington that you probably didn’t know – the Oscar-winning actor has a permanently wonky pinky finger! Washington broke his finger during a childhood basketball game, and it didn’t heal properly, causing it to bend awkwardly.

Twitter // @UberFacts

Although it may seem like a minor physical quirk, Washington has embraced his wonky pinky and incorporated it into some of his movie roles. It’s just one more thing that makes him unique and beloved by fans worldwide.