Here’s Every Royal Palace the British Family Owns

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Here’s Every Royal Palace the British Family Owns

Whether you’re British or not, odds are you know something about the British royal family. They’re worldwide public icons, and part of being royalty is owning lots of gorgeous homes and palaces, many of which held great historical significance in the past. From Kensington Palace to Clarence House, here’s a compilation featuring every royal palace that the British family owns.

The Members of the Royal Family

One of the most well-known monarchs in British royalty was Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled the United Kingdom for a whopping 70 years. Pictured are several of her immediate family members, like her son, now King Charles III.

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Also shown are Prince William, his wife Kate, their three children, Prince Harry and his wife Megan, and various other cousins and siblings. The current British royal family is nothing if not vast!

The Famous Buckingham Palace

Perhaps the most famous palace owned by the royals is Buckingham Palace. Built in 1703 and located in Westminster, it’s a common stop on any tour of London and it acts as the administrative headquarters. It’s actually the 14th largest palace in the world!

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Queen Victoria was the first monarch to ever actually live at Buckingham Palace, and she was also the first royal family member to do the famous “balcony wave,” which has since become a royal tradition.

Official Residence of the Royal Family

Even though the palace is enormous, no one lives there except the British monarch and their immediate family, meaning it was home to Queen Elizabeth II and is now home to King Charles. It’s actually considered the official residence of the British Monarch.

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If you’ve ever worried about your home being small, you may not want to read this bit — Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, 52 of which are royal and guest bedrooms, and 78 of which are bathrooms! At least no royal family member will ever have to wait to use the “loo.”

The Glamorous Kensington Palace

Anyone who is a big fan of William, Harry, and Diana is probably familiar with Kensington Palace. It’s also known for being where Queen Victoria first laid eyes on Prince Albert, being home to a great love story.

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The beautiful building was also home to tons of glamorous, incredible parties thrown by Princess Margaret. Anyone could see why — between such gorgeous gardens outside and stunning décor inside, who wouldn’t want to attend a party there?