Two Dozen Sea Lions Have Moved Into a Fish Farm In Canada

Sea lions often behave like dogs when it comes to doing anything for a snack. They certainly have enough intelligence to stage an impressive food heist, and that was exactly the case at the Rant Point farm near Tofino, British Columbia. The industrial salmon farm there was invaded by two dozen sea lions that managed to break into the place and get past the electric fences and netting designed to keep creatures like them away from the delicious fish within. Once inside, they started gorging themselves on fish and have been there ever since.

The sea lions In the Rant Point salmon farm

The Sea Lions In the Rant Point Salmon Farm Don’t Want to Leave

According to Bonny Glambeck, who works with the environmental group Clayoquot Action, the sea lions were having an all-you-can-eat buffet. Rant Point, owned by the aquaculture giant Cermaq, boasts up to 500,000 farmed salmon at any time, and it’s no wonder the sea lions now don’t want to leave the place. They usually hunt by corralling their prey to one place and picking off individuals one at a time, so the current situation they are in is very convenient for them.

Aerial view of the sea lions In the Rant Point salmon farm

Cermaq Is Weighing Its Options to Get Rid of the Intrusive Sea Lions

It seems likely that the sea lions broke into the farm because of the onset of the harvesting season when the process opens up opportunities for access that are not usually present. While people observe the sea lions making the most of life, the situation does not look good for them. Apparently, a giant corporation like Cermaq does not want to have their product stolen, even by adorable sea dogs. People at Cermaq are currently trying everything to get rid of the problem.

According to local authorities, attempts to deter the sea lions and remove them from the net pens without harming them have been ongoing. While there is a strict requirement that the sea lions must not be killed, there is no progress in moving them with passive deterrent efforts. So far, not even loud bangs and noises scare them. It seems the creatures will remain there until the harvesting of the area is complete, and there is no more food for them to stick around for or when they decide to leave on their own.