The Black Cow Is the Perfect Drink for Ice Cream Lovers

The Black Cow Is a Refreshing Drink for the Summer

Hearing someone order a Black Cow can be a surprising experience to anyone hearing it for the first time. To the well-versed, however, it is common knowledge that it refers to a delectable drink. A most basic drink with nothing more than a root beer float, with rich vanilla ice cream on top of chilled and refreshing root beer, it is indeed a soda-shop classic. While this is the original version, over the years, there have been many variations with flavored ice cream, chocolate syrup, and at times even a shot of coffee!

The OG Black Cow Drink

Originally created by Frank J Wisner, owner of the Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Mining Company in Colorado, it was one of the first in his development of a line of soda waters. Through the vision of the snow on top of the dark peak of Cow Mountain lit up by the full moon one night, he was reminded of a vanilla ice cream scoop. Then, he had the idea of combining it with his children’s favorite soda, that is, root beer. This led to him creating the Black Cow Mountain, which was made using Myers Avenue Red Root Beer and was given the nickname ‘Black Cow’ by the kids who drank it.

How to Make It

How to Make It

Making the classic Black Cow drink is truly child’s play. Using just a few essentials, like root beer (1 cup), chocolate syrup (3 tbs), vanilla ice cream (2 scoops), whipped cream, and maraschino cherries (2), you can make it at home easily using the following steps:

● Take a blender, combine the root beer, chocolate syrup, and ice cream, and puree until smooth.

● Transfer them into 2 chilled glasses.

● Put cherries and whipped cream as garnishing.

And there you go! A refreshing Black Cow, that can as easily be modified with brewed iced coffee, taking inspiration from the drink creator Seo Hyun Kook.