Leftover Pickle Juice Can Be Used to Sauté Veggies or Marinate Chicken

Most people throw away the leftover pickle juice after they finish a jar of tasty dill pickles, but that is because they don’t know that this liquid has other applications in the kitchen. Pickle juice can be used to marinate meat, sauté vegetables, and even for baking bread.

Leftover Pickle Juice Can Be Used to Sauté Veggies or Marinate Chicken
Pickle Juice Is So Useful

Pickle Juice Can Be a Marinade

The herbs and spices that make simple cucumbers into flavor-packed pickles include fresh dill, allspice, mustard seeds, and red pepper flakes. Those can also take a savory dish to the next level. One such use is for chicken marinade. To achieve that, enthusiasts should place a couple of chicken breasts in a plastic bag and then pour the pickle juice over them. Now the bag should be sealed tight, put in the fridge, and left to marinate for eight hours. The marinade trick works well for other meats, including pork and beef.

Pickle juice can also be used to create a tasty veggie sauce that is also great for sautéing mushrooms. To do that, one must mix pickle juice with butter and shallots for five to seven minutes. This will bring out a rich, acidic flavor that can be applied to green beans, zucchini, radishes, and other veggies.

Baking Bread With Pickle Juice

Baking Bread With Pickle Juice

Just like pickles on top of a sandwich are a great addition, so can pickle juice be used as the liquid for baking bread. Apparently, adding just a bit less than a cup of pickle brine makes for a wonderful addition to the dough. This secret ingredient gives the bread a delightful tang and adds to its moist texture. The salt and vinegar contained in the brine will boost the fermented flavor of yeast and enhance the delicious loaf. Bread made this way is great for pastrami or corned beef sandwiches.

Another great thing about pickle juice is that it doesn’t have to be used immediately after the pickles are gone from the jar. It can be stored in the fridge for later use and will remain good for as long as the liquid has a bright green color with no rancid smell or floating mold.

A Love Is Blind Show Contestant Has Decided to Sue Netflix

What really goes on behind the scenes of reality TV shows? It’s become clear that one Love Is Blind contestant was definitely not happy with the experience. Namely, Jeremy Hartwell, who appeared in season two of the aforementioned show, alleges that the working conditions were inhumane, which is why the star is now suing Netflix.

Jeremy Hartwell from Love is Blind

The Cause of the Lawsuit

Heartwell only stayed on the show for a week but it was long enough for this reality TV star to become unhappy with the working conditions. The series Love Is Blind is produced by Kinetic Content and it premiered on Netflix in 2020. It brings together people from different walks of life who then proceed to go on blind dates with each other. The entire experience is a few weeks long.

Love Is Blind poster What Hartwell Had to Say About Love Is Blind

There are several alleged bad practices that Jeremy Hartwell claims he experienced during the filming of the reality show. To start with, he said that the producers were encouraging members of the cast to consume adult beverages on empty stomachs. Hartwell also claims that the crew of workers on the show were underpaid and not provided enough food and water during the making of the show. He also claims that they were told their cellphones would be taken away but that they weren’t expecting all of their baggage to be looked through and their wallets, passports, and IDs to be taken as well.

Netflix Logo The Response So Far

Hartwell filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court in LA. He told CNN that to him it’s not a matter of money but of justice, that he truly believes these practices he’s seen during the filming of Love Is Blind are bad and need to change. Kinetic Content and Delirium TV wrote in response that they wouldn’t want to speculate what Mr. Hartwell’s motives for filing the lawsuit are, but that there are no merits to his allegations and that they intend to vigorously defend against them.