This Is Probably the World’s Easiest Recipe for a Delicious Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot Cocoa Bomb

Not so long ago, it was nearly impossible to open TikTok or Instagram without being greeted by an exploding hot chocolate bomb. They release a flurry of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows to make a cup of hot chocolate, and they became incredibly popular. It turns out that this hot beverage is back on trend! Here is how to make one of those hot cocoa delights:

What Is a Hot Cocoa Bomb?

Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot chocolate bombs are sometimes referred to as hot cocoa bombs. They are chocolate spheres that are filled with a mix of cocoa, miniature marshmallows, and sprinkles, in some cases. The chocolate spheres melt when you add hot milk, releasing the cocoa mixture and producing a delicious cup of hot chocolate. It is believed that photographer Eric Torres Garcia, who later founded a cocoa bomb business, posted the first hot cocoa bomb that truly went viral. Such bombs are a unique edible gift and are also incredibly fun to make.

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Bomb

Pouring milk on a hot coco bomb

Step 1

Set up a double boiler. Set a 4-quart pot over medium-high heat and half-fill it with water. Find a bowl that can withstand heat and fits snuggly on top of the pot without touching the water.

Step 2

Chop and temper the chocolate. Finely chop 12 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate if you are using bars. Leave 1/3 aside. Place the bowl over the double boiler. Then, add the remaining 2/3. Use a silicone spatula to stir the chocolate frequently while it’s melting in the double boiler so you can prevent it from getting too hot. Keep an eye on the temperature of the chocolate. It should not rise above 100 degrees F. You can check this with a digital probe thermometer. From the double boiler, take out the bowl. Melt the reserved chocolate in three additions and stir well after each addition. Then, mix the chocolate until it reaches a temperature of 88 to 91 degrees F. The chocolate should be about body temperature, so test it on the back of your wrist or hand. You can also use a digital thermometer to do this.